PlayStation: 20 years, 20 defining games

GamesBeat: To celebrate the PlayStation’s 20th birthday, we look at the brand’s 20 most important games.

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ColManischewitz1420d ago

So many of these remain relevant today.

NerdStar71420d ago

I hope Sony make a 20 years anniversary edition of the PS4. Day one buy.

uth111420d ago

already announced, goes on sale this week :)

NerdStar71420d ago

Just seen it! I might not be able to get it as I won't get my next wage 'till like just before Christmas :(

Hopefully they announce that it will be released later but you can pre-order it early. I REALLY want one!

Kane221420d ago

my first ps1 game was jumping flash.

Inception1420d ago

Jumping Flash is fun and i loved Ghost in the Shell PS1 (also by Exact).

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The story is too old to be commented.