Pagan Min, are you a psychopath?

Melissa takes a look at the latest Far Cry entry and questions whether or not Pagan Min is the psychopath many have made him out to be.

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slinky1234561109d ago

Pagan is a cool bad guy... but they don't have him much in the game really. Vaas made such a bigger impact not just because of his character, but also because he was more involved (at least for the first half of the game. Pagan's lack of being there and only every so often making a radio chat with you is a little disappointing compared to Vaas.

Still, I've been loving Farcry 4. Hope the next one is more story focused.

josephayal1109d ago

Pagan meh, vaas is betta

chaldo1109d ago

idk man. pagan is a troll, esp at the beginning. lol

DoggyBiscuit1109d ago

All Far Cry villians are psychopath

CourierSix1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

Well he does demonstrate a total lack of empathy...psychopaths are defined by their lack of empathy