New No Man's Sky Teaser

A trailer highlighting Game Informer's exclusive month long preview of the upcoming title No Man's Sky.

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crashbash1470d ago

Can't wait to play this. Can't come to Steam soon enough.

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d4v03331470d ago

did they announce a pc release yet? cause i think so far its a ps4 exclusive right?

Lon3wolf1470d ago

They are quoted as saying the PS4 version will release first with a PC version to follow.

Patrick_pk441470d ago

It is first on PS4, but it will be coming to PC.

dirkdady1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

They said they will look into pc version after finishing ps4. So take that as you will.

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aliengmr1470d ago

They confirmed it.

Sony got it timed exclusive. A PC version was always in the works.

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VforVideogames1470d ago

Can't wait to play this on my XBO .

Mr_cheese1470d ago

Is anybody actually going to talk about the trailer?

Not sure if it was there before, but I noticed there was hand held guns this time. It showed a quick glimpse of them aT 1:11

Moldiver1469d ago

Who care about how good the game is, when we can astroturf, because we are getting it first on PS4?

in your face PC and xbox owners. you will get it eventually. But we get it first.

Hereiamhereibe21469d ago

It better have handguns those are my favorite guns yo! But im worried about the color pallette especially in space, first off having all these soft blue/reds wouldnt it be a super pain for color blind people? And i find it hard to imagine immersion in a purple deep space when my brain knows space is black (mostly). I just feel combat and space exploration may be restricted just because the colors theyve chosen, any thoughts?

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gamer11381470d ago

Only reason I have a PS4 currently.

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Live_Larry1470d ago

I'm actually considering getting one just for this game too! (would probably be far cheaper than upgrading my comp...)

Looks spectacular!

Moldiver1469d ago

"(would probably be far cheaper than upgrading my comp...)"

Or you could just buy a graphics card that is more powerful than the PS4. If you already have a PC (as you stated) you only need to spend half the cost of a PS4 to get twice the performance.

But If you cant wait for a PC version, just get a PS4.

Hereiamhereibe21469d ago

@Molddiver I hate when people say all you gotta do to upgrade is....
When we all KNOW that a good computer is not determined by one little component. The PS4 is awesome because of all of its components being top of the line (With the most complete software support) on top of that the entire console has been optimized to work with each component as efficiently as possible. Pc players think your just buying a computer with PS4 stamped on it, No i bought my PS4 for the OS (which is leagues beyond Windows or Linux or AppleOS).

xenz1469d ago

@Moldiver If you truly are a PC gamer, you should know better that upgrading only one PC component while CPU, RAM, Motherboard and everything else is shit, you won't get much power out of your new GPU.

I remember buying a new GPU a little afte Battlefield 3 came out because it ran like shit on my computer. It got a little better with a new GPU, but I had a lot of stutter, very unstable framerate and tearing. It wasn't until I bought a new CPU that all those problems faded.

GPU isn't everything.

MasterCornholio1470d ago

I can't wait to play this on my PS4.

I wonder if the rumors of it becoming a permanent exclusive are true?

rdgneoz31470d ago

You do realize that Joe Danger should have been a permanent exclusive, since it was developed with money from the Sony Pub Fund (devs get money to develop their games in return for exclusives). Sony let them bring their game to the 360 (though MS said only with extra content) because they were nice, which is probably why Hello Games is returning the favor with a timed exclusive.

Hereiamhereibe21469d ago

Im glad they admitted Joe Danger was more or less a charity outlet, the game was horrible and wreaked of free to pay poison, and was terribbly boring. i hope No Mans Sky doesnt turn out to be an achievement milker.

mixelon1470d ago

Console maybe.

It'd be very silly not to support PC with a game like this, and they've mentioned how they want to support PC once the PS4 version is done.

Feralkitsune1470d ago

Wait, this game was being talked about for PC before they even showed the PS4 version. Did they put it on the backburner or something?

Fireseed1470d ago


Yeah initially it was supposed to launch on the PS4 and PC but then Sony cut them a check, and like most exclusive time deals they're no longer allowed to mention anything outside of the PS4 release until the time period they're contractually obligated to uphold. So probably after launch they'll start talking about the release date for the PC version.

MasterCornholio1470d ago

I know they said that but developers are known to break promises all the time.

I'm only asking this because of the rumor of a 3rd party exclusive pissing a lot of people off. I believe this game is a very good candidate for that.

Stapleface1470d ago

I certainly hope not. I will pick it up on PS4, but I wanted this on pc since I first saw it. Anything that can be multiplat I would certainly prefer it to be as I prefer to choose my own settings instead of being stuck with what developers feel I need based on the power of a console.

Gamer4life8881470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

My god...

i want this!!!!!!

killagram1470d ago

Came here to see if it was a GIF of the blonde girl within the video. Left saddened.

*with exception to the potential of this game. Can't wait for it's release!!!

mike32UK1470d ago

I love this guy's attitude, he just seems so laid back and down to earth

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