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70% of released games are compatible with trophy system

TalkPlayStation.com:"70% of Playstation 3 games that are already released will be compatible with Sony's answer to Xbox Live's Achievement system, Trophies.

The July issue of Official PlayStation Magazine UK states that:

"PlayStation 3 achievements - called 'trophies' - will be unveiled soon (this bit we already know, but here's the interesting bit), and 70% of games will already be compatible."" (PS3)

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Silogon  +   2617d ago
I hope uncharted and Ratchet & clank, myself. Those are my 2 favorite ps3 games to date. Nothing has ever come close to those 2 seperate experiences. I ahve beat uncharted over 13 times, if that says anything.

Super Mario bros - 77 + times in my life
The legend of Zelda - 24 times in my life
Suikoden - 8 times in my life
Alundra - 6 times in my life

Uncharted - 13 times in my life

See a pattern? Great games don't need online to be played again and again.

I'd love to know what the disagreeing is for? Oh, it's because I posted it. I see, cause I know it's not in question about playing great games off line. That'd be absurd and ridicules, wouldn't it? Morons.
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Skerj  +   2617d ago
Hot damn, beating Alunda 6 times is a feat. I suppose after that initial time everything clicks through all subsequent playthroughs though.
pharmd  +   2617d ago
one word...... UPDATES, they will be out eventually
Chris Bosh  +   2617d ago
Well now u have to do uncharted 13 times again if u want to unlk those trophies.
Marceles  +   2617d ago
Ah Alundra...classic game, a game only true gamers paid attention to
Silogon  +   2617d ago
Due to age and being a kid when Zelda hit, I firmly believe the only reason I beat it so many times was because it was available wlel before Alundra. I am hard pressed to say that Zelda is better than Alundra, though. I love both games and I firmly believe that Alundra does everything Zelda 1 thru 3 did, but in a lot of ways, better.

Anyone who loves Action rpg's buy Alundra, play it and experience it cause there is nothing in the video game world better than this type of game, I believe. Also, the Gen had a very good loose prequel to this game called Landstalker.
Surfman  +   2617d ago
MGS4 around 5 times already.
vickers500  +   2617d ago
Personally online gives the game a lot more life to me than playing the game over and over again. If its a long game, then online is not required. But if its a short game, it kind of needs it, at least IMO, and thats not to say that I don't buy games like that, I just don't buy them at full price, because to me they are not worth it. I bought uncharted for 40 bucks, which was well worth it, but its not worth 65.

The greatest thing about single player is the unexpectedness of whats going to happen, just the not knowing how or what is gonna happen or what you are supposed to do is what makes single player so awesome for me, I don't know about other people though. And knowing what is going to happen usually ruins my second playthrough and makes me want to stop. But if the games are long, then thats fine that they don't have an online mode. Take for instance Ratchet and Clank. Its a long game with no multiplayer, sure I would have liked to see mp in that game, but I'm fine without it, and I still f*cking loved that game so much that I've played through it at least 3 times, which says something about how good it is as I never play through a game more than once or twice usually.

I hope you are not calling people who prefer online with their games morons, because if you were, I'd have to say that you are pretty moronic yourself.
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gaffyh  +   2616d ago
Yeah I know what you mean, I must have played MGS1 like 20+ times, and already finshed MGS4 4x.
mikeslemonade  +   2616d ago
I don't replay games so i'm just gonna be moving forward to the achievements in the new games.
Blackcanary  +   2616d ago
Alundra was my 2nd Fav RPG game on the PS1 Final Fantsy Being my 1st Played FF7 10 times.
Alundra played that 30 times i love that game and i still havn't unlocked all the spells.

OOOO and Dark Cloud 2 20 times. Zone of the Enders 1 30 times love that game to bits.
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fafoon  +   2617d ago
It's gonna be good
Checking out what Trophy's you got and what your overall Rank/Level is
Condoleezza Rice  +   2617d ago
Not surprising
Sony have been working closely with 3rd party devs,so it should come as no surprise that the majority of already released titles will support this new and exciting Trophy System.

The question is:Are YOU ready 8) ?
okcomputer  +   2617d ago
uhh, I've been ready for a while.. I was ready when I bought my ps3 at launch, and all of the features in the 2.4 update should have been available out of the box.

Yes its great that we're finally getting all this stuff, but lets not act like Sony didn't keep us waiting a year and a half for features that have been standard on their competitor's for years.
chasuk08  +   2617d ago
Well as long as the main ones are compatible - MGS4, COD4, GTA4, Uncharted, Warhawk, R&Clank, I want FNR3, then i will be ready !
Mc187  +   2617d ago
hold grudges much?
Fototherapist  +   2617d ago
really excited about the new developments. Trophies are a great addition. I'm really curious to see what kind of trophies I can get with Bad Company.
AceLuby  +   2617d ago
All those 'online' features have been available on the 360, but what were you missing that you needed from a FREE service? I was able to get online, join a game, play against human opponents and have a great time since day 1. Isn't that what its really about? Not saying these features aren't nice, but it really doesn't affect anything regarding the core functionality of online play, that is playing a game not against computer AI, but against human opponents.

In game XMB was only blown up to the proportions it is because fanboys need something to fuel the fire.
okcomputer  +   2616d ago

Expecting things that should have been out of the box on launch day isn't holding a grudge. All I was saying was that it seems pretty stupid at this point to get all excited that sony finally got their act together and gave us basically last gen online features that ms has had since the original xbox.


What was I missing? In game messaging is huge. The ability to bring up your menu and check for friends, and invite them to games seamlessly makes online gaming a lot more fun on the 360. The friends system in psn was crap compared to live's. you have to admit that. Then theres the basic stuff like in game soundtracks, making console adjustments in game etc, and all the other stuff that 2.4 fixes. And as for the price, live is so cheap I honestly don't care. If psn offered all of those features out of the box for the ps3 I would have gladly paid the same $50 per year. It only comes out to 13 cents a day, and I play all the time, so its worth it to me. If sony keeps psn free, especially after home, ms will have to drop the price, but live really isn't expensive at all. Up until 2.4 live has been much better, but now that it looks like sony has finally gotten their crap together we'll see.
shelbygt33  +   2616d ago
I'm not going to replay all my games just to get the trophies, but look forward to the new releases.

And seriously, everyone is all happy about trophies now, but when achievements first came out, the Sony fans in here were saying how silly and stupid they were. My how our memories fade.
DavidMacDougall  +   2617d ago
Im kinda hopeing everything just gets start from 0 ill delete every save i have and just do it all again , thats if they suport trophys that is
Blackcanary  +   2616d ago
I would do the same thing lol any thats wanna add on to the PSN my ID is

ErcsYou  +   2617d ago
Thats good to hear... It will be fun playing through all my games again...
It was also nice to hear that the trophy system won't scan save files, it stops cheaters and makes a perfect opportunity to either clean up your hard drive or replace it.

Get ready to see your PSN friends playing the oddest games imaginable just to get those few extra trophies
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Carl  +   2616d ago
I will certainly be playing all of my games again to get trophies. Including Jericho, Genji, and even The Simpsons.

I'll enjoy having a good laugh at the titles people are playing :)
Wildarmsjecht  +   2617d ago
Im hoping COD does it..doubt it considering IW can be REAL lazy with their patches/updates, but if it does, i'll be content.
jkoz  +   2617d ago
Online won't have trophies. The 360 version didn't either, only single player offline campaign.
Wildarmsjecht  +   2617d ago
I played the single player once, and then halfway through again. If it has trophy support, i'll give it another few runs. it's short enough to manage.
jkoz  +   2617d ago
Yeah it is. I will probably give it another run through.

And to whoever disagreed with me above: Why? There won't be any online Trophies for the PS3 COD4 if there aren't for the 360. The devs don't want it; the online level up system is "achivement/trophy" enough.
LiquifiedArt  +   2617d ago
This is just SPECULATION.
Please until we have an OFFICIAL response Take this as a grain of salt.
youngmoney10  +   2616d ago
Isn't this from the
OFFICIAL Playstation magazine?
Pornlord  +   2617d ago
By compatible I am guessing that means patchable. I'm just wondering how fast they will get patches to MGS4 and the like.

Ok, so by compatible, they mean that they already have trophies with the firmware update goes live.
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ErcsYou  +   2617d ago
From what i understand, MGS4 all ready works with trophy system . We will all have to play MGS4 again to get the trophies though....
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jkoz  +   2617d ago

Oh damn =P
Was looking for an excuse to play that again instead of the rest of the games in my queue, and now I have it!
-EvoAnubis-  +   2617d ago
"From what i understand, MGS4 all ready works with trophy system . We will all have to play MGS4 again to get the trophies though...."
Fine by me.
highdro  +   2617d ago
SWEET, looks like i have to by uncharnted and heavenly sword again, i returned thoes two games, they were sweet but it did not have a high reply value, i just hope COD4 has trophys.
1bi11i0n  +   2617d ago
This just gets better and better...
japwow  +   2617d ago
good enough
sinncross  +   2617d ago
this is such old news... we've known this ever since trophies were being talked about by Sony a couple months back.
Masta_Killa  +   2617d ago
I just hope Oblivion ISN'T one of them. I loved the game, but after the countless hours I've put into it, I really don't wanna go through it again.
ape007  +   2617d ago
I would like to see it on
burnout paradise.motorstorm,ngs,resist ance and dmc

mgs4 will sure have this

eagle21  +   2617d ago
I have read this before from NeogaF scans submitted from one of the guys on N4g, I tried to tell people that was one of the major reasons it got delayed. They have been pretty busy! :)
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Arsenal4Ever  +   2617d ago
70% huh, that's a very good start indeed. All the Best PS3 titles should be supported. It's looking promising already.

I mean from 8 AM GMT to 9PM GMT has just been an influx of FW 2.4 info.

Continue with Phase 2 and Phase 3 Sony. I just wished that this update will increase sales somehow. 360 owners now see that PSN is better than XBL.

PSN 1.5 years
XBL 6 years

PSN>XBL - Hows that possible. Sony are great.
baum  +   2617d ago
I'm still waiting
For my 360 to get a FW update that prevents my machine against RROD and that lets it read Blu-ray and HD-DVD games.

I am also waiting for my Wii to get an update that allows it to display HD graphics with advanced shaders.


Disagree? oh that's right, it is impossible and will never happen on 360 and Wii. I guess what PS3 owners were waiting for was worth it, what 360 and Wii owners are waiting for will never come and they'll miss the best next-gen experience. Poor fanboys.
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Relcom  +   2617d ago
I really need Uncharted to have trophy
JackBauerIsHIGH  +   2617d ago
Don't worry, it will.
PSWe60  +   2617d ago
That's pretty good. I wasn't even expecting that amount.
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Blasphemy  +   2617d ago
I hope CoD 4 has Trophies
It's actually kinda funny and won't be a burden on me to beat the game again because I have yet to beat the game to begin with LOL. I have had this game since the day it came out and have yet to beat it the multiplayer is that good. Anyways with trophies it will give me a real reason to finish the single player.
Blasphemy  +   2616d ago
How can anyone disagree with what I said. There was nothing to disagree about.:(
heyheyhey  +   2617d ago
and that ladies and gents- is why 2.4 took so long..

i knew Sony couldn't have been THAT slow
BLUR111  +   2617d ago
trophy system? wonder how in the world did they think of that
DavidMacDougall  +   2617d ago
There smart people who know what people want
heyheyhey  +   2617d ago
Microsoft's Achievement system probably (just maybe)

the thing is though- they've made trophies so much better than achievements (level up!!!) which justifies them stealing the idea
BLUR111  +   2617d ago
Achievments are good enough for me i guess , i have a ps3 also.. and it should turn out to a pretty awesome thing for ps3 games
Jack The Lad  +   2617d ago
u still on this "BLUR111" how sad u are. sounds like u woke up on the wrong side of the bed 2day. shame. good ps3 news geting 2u & your sad little xbot friends. years of bashing the ps3 hasnt worked. get over it. crybaby bot
The END  +   2617d ago
i remember...
when all the sony fanboys mocked the 360 achievement system, saying it was pointless and dumb....

man, crazy how the times changes, flip floppin losers
LordMe  +   2617d ago
Well. I am pretty sure DMC4 is ne of them on the list. I just hope Uncharted and MGS4 get them.

Also. Warhawk! WOOT
LiquifiedArt  +   2617d ago
I want offical Confirmation before i go start beating all my old games again.
I'd be pissed if i beat heavnely sword again, and didn't get jack lol.
Arsenal4Ever  +   2617d ago
I'm not sure if Heavenly Sword has trophy support, I know they said 1st party games, but you'll need to wait for a patch. Same goes with GT5P and the others.
Kirstenlottesovs  +   2617d ago
I really hope it gets implemented in GTA IV, RFOM, burnout and Battefield: Bad Company
heyheyhey  +   2617d ago
Motorstorm for me

god i love that game
diatom  +   2617d ago
One of the 30%
Insomniac has already said no trophies for RFOM1 as they are spending all their effort on RFOM2.

Hopefully they change their minds as it can only increase sales.
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Old Snake  +   2617d ago
Hopefully a GTA update will come soon
meepmoopmeep  +   2617d ago
can't wait to replay my most loved ps3 games again.
heyheyhey  +   2617d ago

epic Heavenly Sword ending.. here i come... again
Real gamer 4 life  +   2617d ago
Do you guys think that ninja gaiden sigma will have trophy support?
meepmoopmeep  +   2617d ago
it could, i'm sure they will post a list of games soon.
heyheyhey  +   2617d ago
only one way to find out..

though i doubt it- there's been a lot of turbulence at Team Ninja lately
name  +   2617d ago
I'm certain that uncharted is getting trophies. They even updated it for home support and rumble I think. Ratchet might not get it since insomniac is working on Resistance 2, but I'd really like it if it did. I was thinking of playing uncharted again yesterday anyway, but I think I'll wait until I get the memo that it's trophy compatible, so that the progress I was currenlty doing that day won't go to waste.
dragunrising  +   2617d ago
Only 2 days before we find out which ones work right off the bat. Too bad the trophies won't be retroactive. Still, a great reason to go back and play an old game.
#29 (Edited 2617d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Ali_The_Brit  +   2617d ago
70% niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice
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