This Week In Sales: Phantasy Star Nova Takes A Dive

Last week, Sega released Phantasy Star Nova for the PlayStation Vita in Japan. The game, which is yet another multiplayer-focused title for the Vita, sold 107,313 copies in its first week. Unfortunately, that’s the lowest debut of any multiplayer Phantasy Star game in recent years.

Period: The week of November 24th – November 30th (2014)
Top-seller: Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire (3DS) – 298,613
Nintendo 3DS sales: 19,722 | Tot. sales: 9,686,698
Nintendo 3DS XL sales: 15,182 | Tot. sales: 6,737,707
New Nintendo 3DS sales: 22,875 | Tot. sales: 212,771
New Nintendo 3DS XL sales: 48,738 | Tot. sales: 506,121
PlayStation Vita sales: 27,935 | Tot. sales: 3,252,081
Vita TV sales: 1,285 | Tot. sales: 146,200
Wii U sales: 12,496 | Tot. sales: 2,009,513
PlayStation 4 sales: 13,489 | Tot. sales: 822,554
Xbox One sales: 1,237 | Tot. sales: 39,698

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Meryl1473d ago

I really want phantasy star nova, but hoping they will bring it to the west, so I will wait a while to see if they change their minds or not, if they will never release it over here I'll just import it.