The Crew PS4 Versus Xbox One: Solid Performance At 30fps Across Both Platforms

Ubisoft's last AAA game The Crew has lot riding on its shoulders. Right out of the box, it will be compared against the likes of Driveclub and Forza Horizon 2, two of the most visually detailed racing titles out there.

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halocursed1470d ago

Can't wait to explore MURICA!

Bossmon1470d ago

The game is still crap even with solid performance

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1470d ago

People are already having issues with the online features.

u4one1470d ago

i don't think it holds up to driveclub or fh2 on multiple levels, let alone graphics. both of those games are visually stunning. the crew is not. they also both have way better driving physics, car models and so on.

Gaming247allday1470d ago

Sorry but Driveclub should not be placed in the same league as Forza

SoapShoes1470d ago

He didn't... He just said it doesn't hold up to those and they are both much better games.

saint_seya1470d ago

Your are right, driveclub graphics are in a league of their own..

u4one1470d ago

you're right. forza is way better.

CervantesPR11470d ago

and both Driveclub and Forza cannot be in the same league as Gran Turismo.

Gran Turismo Destroys both


C'mon man I will be the first to tell you FH2 is a better game than DC (my opinion), but everything he mentioned compared to the Crew is true!

Silly gameAr1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

You're making it sound like Forza is in a league of it's on. It that's the case, wouldn't it be more popular?

dantesparda1470d ago

@ Gaming247allday

MS fanboys are so classy (sarcasm) and opinions aren't facts. But DC being graphically better is.

PONTIAC08G8GT1469d ago


Right because graphics make DC the more fun game right? Oh wait, maybe it's the awesome muliplayer. Oh wait, maybe it's the hundreds of cars it has.

Graphics are the only thing that DC has on Forza5 or Forza Horizon.

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thewhiteelephant1470d ago


Driveclub is a closed circuit racer but it is actually the most stunning racing game I've ever played. Its car handling was sublime and far more realistic than forza albeit the penalties where a bit annoying. I'm no fanboy as others have stupidly suggested and will give props where it's due. Driveclub was one of the games I traded with my ps4 for my xbox one and it's the one I really really miss playing. (i only traded to play with my buddy who was constantly hounding me)

creeping judas1470d ago

LOL, you lost me at "Its car handling was sublime and far more realistic than forza".

The rest of your statement, I will agree with you! Other then why you would trade in a PS4 for a X1?

Ok so in the end I will only agree with this "the most stunning racing game I've ever played."

thewhiteelephant1470d ago

I traded my ps4 on the xbox to play far cry 4 with a mate. I make 3 times what he does a year so I made the trade. I can buy a PS4 again anytime. I honestly don't think 99% of the people on N4G have ever driven a car let alone at speed. The handling is actually very very realistic. If you think you can just pop a drift at 200kph then of course you're going to think forza is realistic. But I've got news for you, its got the most unrealistic physics engine. It allows cars to do things they just cannot do

creeping judas1470d ago

SO what you're telling me is that, when you drive a car 200kmh, and you enter a corner, the car naturally wants to try a drift like it does in DriveClub? That it automatically puts on drift mode? Dude, DriveClub is an arcade racer, it has been billed as an arcade racer by the developers of the game, they've even said they weren't going for the sim racer crowd. And you think it feels natural? Sorry, DriveClub is a lot of great things, but is is not a sim racer. And the driving is not realistic at all!

thewhiteelephant1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

I think you should re-read what you said. I'm starting to believe that you've never played driveclub as the cars don't automatically go into a drift. They do on forza however. In fact getting a drift initiated in driveclub takes some skill. Sure the cars get out of shape when you brake heavily but that is realistic when looking at brake bias etc. Get over yourself you've proven to me you've never played the game. I however have played both and physics wise driveclub is closer to an actual car at speed, they push wide, they understeer, they overseer with tail getting flighty. Perhaps get a license and learn a thing or two first.

So how many races have you been in above 100kph? I'll bet zero. But here I am in Australia having races motorcycles and cars and karts for years so realistic physics is easy to spot. Don't be salty because you are wrong. Get an education get out there and experience it in the real world and come back and tell me what you discover because FH2 is everything but realistic physics system

badz1491469d ago

@creeping judas

"SO what you're telling me is that, when you drive a car 200kmh, and you enter a corner, the car naturally wants to try a drift like it does in DriveClub?"

this sentence alone is proof enough you haven't even touch DC, let alone play it. so can you please just shut up and stop spreading BS about a game you haven't play?

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matt1391470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

Shame it's not a solid game though!

I understand PC users picking this up as there isn't really any good racing games available but no point ps4/x1 owners buying it when you the likes of DC and FH 2.

uth111470d ago

There's nothing else like it on PS4, DC isn't an open world driving game, and NFS Rivals only lets you go off road in limited areas.

sorane1470d ago

You obviously have no clue about the PC racing game scene. PC has by far the best racers around and tons of them at that.

matt1391470d ago

LOL obvious fanboy is obvious. DC and fh 2 are the 2 best racing games currently out at the moment, i'm not quite sure how that is even up for dispute.

FriedGoat1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

Fanboy? My god people are stupid. PC has way better racers than ps4 AND Xbone.

Just because they are newer, doesn't mean they are the best...

tlougotg1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

Played a little of this game and it looks like hot garbage, reaching a steady 30 fps is no miracle, it should have been 60fps on ps4 given its graphics. Games like Driveclub are 30 fps because the visuals are insane! Mind you Gran Turismo although not a steady 60fps still hit 60fps on Ps3 with 1080 visuals. Cant wait to see how the new GT loos on ps4, its going to push that racing bar!!!!!

MrSec841470d ago

Yep Gran Turismo on PS4 is going to be untouchable for visuals, especially if it's only got to push Polyphony Digital's engine from 1440X1080, fluctuating between 60 and 40FPS, to full 1920X1080, 60FPS locked.

GT6 is already pretty close to Forza 5 in the visuals department and that was on the PS3.
I won't be shocked if GT7 looks better than Driveclub, while running at a locked 60FPS at 1080p.

PD are crazy talented developers.

Ripsta7th1470d ago

You must be blind to think forza 5 looks like GT6 haha

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