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Meltic1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

here is the crazy specs

Any clue when the PC specs will be announced?

Here are the updated specs:
OS 64bit Win 7, Win 8, Win8.1
CPU Intel Core i5-2500 @ 3,3Ghz lub AMD FX-8320 @ 3,5Ghz
GPU AMD Radeon 7870 lub NVIDIA GTX670 @ 2Gb VRAM

OS 64bit Win 7, Win 8, Win8.1
CPU Intel Core i5-4670K @ 3,4Ghz lub AMD FX-8350 @ 4Ghz
RAM 16 Gb DDR3
GPU AMD Radeon R9 290 @4Gb VRAM lub NVIDIA GTX780 @ 3Gb VRAM
6 minutes ago

Here is the link

What do you guys Think is it crazy specs ?. 16 gb ram is crazy i only got 8 but a 970 card

Freddy_Millz11419d ago

Your average pc gamer has 8gbs of ram. I was always taught that 16 is overkill. Its situations like that when the specs are so over the top, that i just get it on console. Always have options.

Foxhound9221419d ago

I really can't wait for this game! The only thing that would make it better is if it had some gathering, looting, and rpg elements! Whose to say it doesn't, at least to some extent?

CocoWolfie1419d ago

im all for news on dying light(<3.<3) but has anyone ever been influenced by pre-release season pass announcements? to me it feels cheap :c i dunno

Palitera1419d ago

PvP mode = exclusive to blind purchase (aka preorder).

I have bought a lot of their games, but they pretty much guaranteed that I won't but the game at full price. Probably will split it with a friend.

jegheist20141419d ago

looks like digital option is out question i prefer digital but 40-50 gigs eats up space to quick i need upgrade my ps4 hdd is it as easy people say it is im so cpu hardware illiterate lol.

software im genius can fix anything software side minute hardware comes in im um will i break it very overly paranoid i am over 400 dollar investments