Why can’t I stop playing Dragon Age Inquisition’s multiplayer?

GameZone's Andrew Clouther: "The question that repeatedly haunts me is “just how many times can you run these five-stage dungeons?” And I don't have an answer. Sure it’s a fun concept to ponder between matches but then the game starts and it’s on. Sure there are three maps, three opponent types, and three difficulties, but aren’t you essentially just doing the same damn thing over and over again with a different party make up? What’s the goal? To collect better gear and gain levels to take on harder difficulties? This sounds like a giant grind. Is it that simple and flawed?"

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ThatOneGuyThere1475d ago

the game just came out. lol

iDadio1474d ago

It's not a bad experience to try out, it is annoying how glitchy it is when running into other players where it jumps you back. The main issue is that it doesn't have any lasting power as it has no effect on any of the game really and the map count is disappointing.

Maybe some free updates will boost it, but I doubt that. Maybe I'm justa bitter because I loved ME3 multiplayer.

Aloren1474d ago

Really ? I feel like it should last for quite some time without too much trouble if they add free content like they did for ME3. It's already much better than ME3 MP when it first came out.

Summons751474d ago

Probably have terrible taste? This multiplayer makes Mass Effect 3's god-awful multiplayer look good. Played one match, saw the suck and went back to the single player.

Adrian_v011474d ago

Because you have no social life huehuehue