Top 7 Sports Games Nerds Actually Like

If there's one thing gamers love to do, it's sit on their asses. And rarely are they ever tempted away from blowing the crap out of zombies and Nazis to partake in the sportsman-like area of gaming. Hell, anything involving increased blood flow, stretching, or rapid movement is a waste of time if there's no cutscene for their rewards. Even sports games can be kryptonite (your older brother who buys nothing but Madden and NBA Live really doesn't count).

Why? Probably because simulating anything half-realistic is as boring as it sounds. Yet somehow, a select few have transcended god-awful tedium to become the only sports games nerds give a damn about. GamesRadar present to you the top 7 sports games that get them cheering for the home team.

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PoSTedUP3794d ago

im no nerd but i love ALL sports games. including the Olympics games, tennis, golf (hotshots golf preferably), pool. everything.