Next Mass Effect Epic In Scale, Won't Be A Prequel

Some new rumors about the next Mass Effect reveal some details, such as an impressive number of explorable planets and the fact that it won't be a prequel.

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ccgr1390d ago

Hope it's better than the last one

AngelicIceDiamond1390d ago

But thank God its not a prequel though.

Halo2ODST21390d ago

Prequels are great, just look at halo reach & Wars while Squels ... Halo 4 .. so squels arent always good, im not saying mass effect 4 will be bad, just defending prequels

Cobberwebb1389d ago

I don't care for some side story either, it really needs to be set after ME3 events to interest me.

Fez1389d ago

What's everyone got against prequels? They can open up the story with new characters and explain what motivated the characters in the original game(s).

Imagine someone should down MGS3 because it was "just a prequel"!

DarthZoolu1389d ago

thank god I hate prequels

Jonny5isalive1389d ago

commander Shepard is going to come back as a cyborg reaper and garrus and crew need to take him down!!!

mikeboccher1389d ago

It's literally impossible to be a prequel so it's not that much of a surprise

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Rask1389d ago

It will be hard for Bioware to achieve it then, Mass Effect 3 is a masterpiece, just like the first two.

Alexious1389d ago

Haven't played it, but I've heard everything from "it rocks" to "it sucks". I'll be playing it for sure before the next one arrives.

Septic1389d ago

The ending let it down to be honest but otherwise a great game yeah.

Tontus1389d ago

Mass Effect 3 gets far too much crap flung at it.

It is a masterpiece and I'm satisfied with the extended cut ending.

DoctorRedBeard1389d ago

Mass Effect 3 definitely was not a master piece. It was a good game however it was a huge let down from Mass Effect 2. ME2 being the best in the franchise in my opinion. ME3 was good but not on the same level. the ending for one was one major downer for Mass Effect 3.

WitWolfy1389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

All I have to say is death of franchise thanks to the "RGB" ending.

The ending alone made a lot of fans me myself included to turn their backs on the franchise altogether.

Tdmd1389d ago

I agree. It was a amazing game that got way too much crap from gamers because of how it ended - which, with the extended cut, wasn't bad at all.

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Mithan1389d ago

I loved the last one, I just didn't care much for the end.

Imp0ssibl31389d ago

The journey is more important than the destination anyway.

Magicite1389d ago

after great work on dragon age, Im sure they will do the same here.

Imp0ssibl31389d ago

Yeah I'm loving the new Dragon Age!

antz11041389d ago

Aside from the very end 3 was amazing. Best online co-op in a good long while too.

Antifan1389d ago

Mass Effect 3 was damn good (except the ending).

Trekster_Gamer1389d ago

I only hope their next installments are as good. theyve a lot to live up to.

I am so ready to jump into the next Mass Effect!

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Imp0ssibl31390d ago

Seriously can't wait to see some actual footage after playing Dragon Age!

elninels1389d ago

Can I has space inquisition?

DarkOcelet1390d ago

Thats good to hear, it seems they will go back to its roots by blending Mass Effect 1 exploration system and Mako roaming with Mass Effect 2/3 action gameplay. Hopefully they add more RPG elements to the game.

Trovalli1390d ago

Yeah I would really enjoy more RPG elements. They kind of strayed away from it in 2 and 3.

Imp0ssibl31389d ago

They went too heavy with shooting, true. The RPG roots must be remembered!

Alexious1390d ago

Yes, kind of like Dragon Age 3 blended Dragon Age 1&2. Bioware is on a roll.

clouds51389d ago (Edited 1389d ago )

They should make the space exploration part too that was planned for mass effect originally. It was planned to have 3 aspects:
-3rd person shooter rpg
-space shooter dogfight / planet landing
-planet exploration with mako

Give me that!

_-EDMIX-_1389d ago

lol, very surprised anyone remembers that tidbit. That was originally what Mass Effect was supposed to be when the first started development. Because it was only going to be on 360 and this concept was before MS chose to use the DVD format again, they didn't plan to be hindered by disk space.

(most developers didn't)

Thus, Mass Effect 1 is an odd one as you can see the design of the game is really that of a game that wants to be open world...but can't.

ME2 ditched trying to be a RPG, space traveling etc type game, but deep down inside......yes, indeed many Mass Effect fans clearly want the series to be like KOTOR and or clearly better then KOTOR lol, in regards to exploration.

With Bluray and both systems having HDDs, I just can't wait to see whats in store for the series. This is game is going to be likely what the team wanted for Mass Effect 1.

Aurenar1390d ago

If he says so then we are all quiet :|