Sky TV app Arrives on PS4

PS4Home: "Sky customers can now stream live TV and video on demand directly through their PS4 console."

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snookiegamer1447d ago

More subscription based services ;/

At least it's a choice thing....Sky App? Lol ...I'm with a UK company called Virgin Media whilst I'm studying here ;)

paul-p19881447d ago

Virgin are SOOOO much better than Sky, unfortunately my new home isn't in a Virgin area yet so I can't get them anymore. At least you can still watch cable whenever it rains, all I need is the tiniest gust of wind/1 raindrop to hit my sky dish and suddenly my tv stops...

Mr_Writer851447d ago

Virgin broadband is better but the TV is not.

They don't have Sky Atlantic and Fox is in a very expensive package. So for people like me who want to watch new episodes of Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead Virgin is pants.

Volkama1447d ago

Wooo 'bout time.

3D Blu-ray allowed me to pack my PS3 away.
Sky Go allows me to pack my 360 away.

What shall I buy to fill the space?

Volkama1447d ago

Would be a good shout, except I already have one.

I think I might keep the 360 out for now, just to save myself from having to remember the Sky account details :)

Volkama1447d ago

That doesn't really do anything does it? Apart from PS4 streaming, but that's not much good on the same TV the PS4 is connected to :)

Onenyte1447d ago

I have sky already,all this means is that I will never Have to turn on my Xbox to use sky ever again. ........

Zichu1447d ago

We are with TalkTalk, it's basically just Freeview and you get a Youview box. I don't have cable in my room, decided to look this up on Sky and see how much it is. Would cost me £10.75 a month for 6 months and then £21.50, this is with basic sky channels...

The next one up seems better, but it would cost £28 after the 6 months...

Just doesn't seem worth it if you aren't already a Sky customer. I have NOW TV which is Sky's own on demand film service which is great, I could pay an extra £5 a month and get the entertainment package which has all the box sets that Sky has to offer.

mcstorm1447d ago

I am the same as your self but I have BT TV and for me getting this over talk talk was the better option as I have BT sport for UFC and I also got NowTV for the sky channels and I also got NHL Gamecentre for my NHL fix an doing it this way still works out less than I paid sky for just sky sports and entertainment mix.

Mcardle1447d ago

Great now maybe Sony and The NBA will pull their fingers out and finally give us an NBA app for the PS4 in the UK.