January Cover Revealed – No Man's Sky

This month we bring you the Science Fiction Issue, headlined by the ambitious No Man's Sky. We flew out to Hello Games' Guildford offices in England to see new elements and get some answers on this enigmatic game. For the first time you will learn about the imposingly large galactic map, the enemy forces you'll be battling, new details on the economy and upgrades, and much more.

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Abash1448d ago

Very excited to see No Man's Sky at the PlayStation Experience, I wonder what new info we'll hear?

robtion1447d ago

I would be happy with a release date.

zeee1447d ago

Hoping for a morpheus version too!

Mr_cheese1447d ago

I noticed there was guns in the new teaser trailer at 1:11 suggesting hand combat. Never knew this before so excited to see this expansion of the game.

Perjoss1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

well spotted

edit: doh, was supposed to be a reply to @Mr_cheese

medman1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

I picture myself sitting down to play No Man's Sky and never getting back up.
P.S. Wow. That cover is brilliant. Though I'm a bit confused by the "galactic map" mention. How does this work in a procedurally generated environment? If someone has an idea that makes sense, please share. I didn't think with what the developer has mentioned there were any real borders to the "universe" of No Man's Sky, and with what they've mentioned concerning the vast expanse involved, this map mention has confused me thoroughly.