Behold the Glorious PS4 Anniversary Edition & Accessories From Every Angle in 43 High-Res Pictures

Today Sony Computer Entertainment announced the PS4 Anniversary Edition, a lovely PlayStation 4 unit coming in the glorious colors of the original PlayStation.

The house of PlayStation just sent in a press release including 43 full resolution pictures of the console seen from every possible angle. You also get to see the dedicated DualShock 4 controller, the stand, the camera, the headset and the sleek special package.

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DEEBO1474d ago

Simply amazing!

Long live the PlayStation brand.

darthv721474d ago

It is cool. I am a proud owner of an SCPH-1001 and this would look stunning next to it.

freshslicepizza1474d ago

i still have mine and it works too. this ps4 model will be selling on e-bay for likely upwards of $1000 since they are only making about 13,000 of them.

AliTheSnake11474d ago

It looks likes a PS1. Pretty nice.
Still way better than a White playstation. I still don't understand the appeal for white console, they are ugly.

AndrewLB1474d ago

Only an idiot would pay $1k for a gray PS4.

Snookies121474d ago

@AliTheSnake1 - Man, the white PS4 makes me NOT want to buy a black one. Seeing my friend's up close and personal. That thing is beautiful.

Cream1474d ago

So are you guys saying that people who like PS will buy and support product regardless of any meaningful improvements?

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Svinya1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

So... Basically... A grey ps4?

Am I missing the "simply amazing" part?

crashbash1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Yeah I'm not sure what exactly is glorious about it, it's a PS4 in a grey colour. I wouldn't describe it as 'glorious', but then I'm not trying to make a living out of people clicking on my lame articles.


I'm 38, and a grey ps4 is still a grey ps4. I had a ps1, it was great, but the colour of the console didn't make a difference to the experience. It was a great console, the colour was irrelevant.

Grey is not really that glorious, it's grey.

A console needs to earn the right to be glorious and at the moment the ps4 isn't, in sales sure, but not game wise. And certainly not as glorious as its grey ancestor.

So until that magical mystical time it's just a grey ps4.

cannon88001474d ago

@ Svinya

May I ask how old you are? Because if you're a youngster, I can understand why this might have no sentimental value to you.

DarthJay1474d ago

I think it's really cool. A collectible thing. I understand why Playstation fans would be excited about it. I barely use my PS4 as it is but I'll definitely be trying to get one.

But yeah, at the end of the day... it's a grey PS4. I still want it though lol.

tlougotg1474d ago

I see your a big hater lol from the other post. Go stay on the green side and since i couldnt respond to your dumb post because your salty i said Sony owners have had limbo for quite some time and thats what Microsoft gives its devoted clientele heres a response.....Sony has given us a gd amount of free things as owners, what microsoft gives is a joke

Weve got tons of better games off of Plus as it is including limbo lol As ps owners we also received 20 free dollars twice during our ownership of Ps4 lol do your homework man you sound real dumb. First 20 dollars i got was an email code to spend on psn witout even having to buy anything. Yeah man its better on the Sony side, meanwhile games for gold is utter trash and as devoted owners you get limbo and free avatars once in awhile lol hahahhaa

uth111474d ago

yeah, it would be more special if it was in a custom case that resembled the PS1

Edito1474d ago

How old are you? Have u ever heard of PSOne?

killacal131474d ago

I think you are missin an amazing part of the brain.

shadyiswin1474d ago

It's n4g.....everything playstation is glorious and amazing get with it.

GrandpaSnake1474d ago

its not just grey, it has a emblem, the controller is also a custom paintjob with playstation symbols on the touch and the camera is also custom grey.This is the official AE playstation, its amazing all the other ps4 are cool but not AE.

Svinya1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Cannon - 30. I never had a ps1, though. Always an N64 guy.

I'm looking to buy a PS4 as soon as DriveClub is 100%.

xHeavYx1474d ago

"but then I'm not trying to make a living out of people clicking on my lame articles"

Bathyj1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Why do 80 year olds get a tear in the eye when they see a stick and a hoop? Its just a hoop?

I guess you had to be there.

its_JEFF1474d ago

@Svinya Well... it is just a "grey ps4," what matters is the "nostalgia" attached to it. As someone who had a N64, I'm guessing you were a Nintendo guy? If you were and still are, then you should already know why people want this. Same reason why people went crazy for the re-release of the GameCube controller, same reason why people are going crazy for the 3DS with the NES graphics on the outside... Nostalgia.

It's understandable why you're not excited for this, cause you never had a PS1... it's like someone coming into a article about the NES/SNES/N64 or GameCube themed WiiU console or Controller and asking "what's the big deals, just looks like an old console"

ShinMaster1474d ago

If you were never a fan of the PS1 we don't expect you to care much about "just a grey PS4" with the multicolored PS logo.

ChrisGTR11474d ago

lol guys , i used to own an original ps1 and i always thought the black dev kit was way more badass. id say the color doesnt matter much its just the fact that its "rare". if the only color for ps4 was gray and then a limited edition black one came out everyone would be drooling over it.

spacedelete1474d ago

i know right. what about PS1 and PS2 emulation ? even if it was just for these limited edition PS4s i would buy one now.

Azzanation1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

I agree, I still own my original PS1 and I keep it nicely packed in its box now, but a Grey PS4 is suppose to be glorious? lol ok so grey is the new Black now.. *sigh*

mmcglasson1474d ago


Dude the system has been out slightly over a year and already has tons of games to play. Exclusives of AAA quality take time to create... You are speaking far to early.

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Muzikguy1474d ago

This is so cool, I wish I had the money to get one! Or even a chance to get it. It's too bad people will be buying them up like crazy just to sell at a higher price on eBay. That's the sad part of the world we live in. At least I can download that theme for free!! Just have to get home to check it out

solid_snake36561474d ago

It would have been amazing if it were fully backwards compatible. Now that would have been one hell an anniversary edition.

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FullmetalAlchemist1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Is this seriously only going to be available at the playstation event? I obviously can't make it to that but would definitely buy this in a heart beat, I have yet to get a ps4. C'mon Sony mass produce these!

ThatOneGuyThere1474d ago

you can buy it on starting at midnight

lunatic00011474d ago

This is stupid question to ask but is it at midnight pacific or eastern???

DarthJay1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Not a dumb question... I'd like to know the same. I'll be waiting with credit card in hand.

Edit: Actually, it's not midniht at all:

"How to pre-order in the US & Canada: PS4 20th Anniversary Edition will be available in very limited supply for pre-order starting Saturday, December 6th. Please watch the PlayStation Experience keynote starting Saturday morning at 10:00am Pacific Time to learn more."

ThatOneGuyThere1474d ago

sorry, i read somewhere it was midnight. :-/ but sony's website would be the best place to get it.

Christopher1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Only 12,300 being made and only from

Edit: They should make the controller something for the whole year. I would at least buy the controller. Don't really want to buy the console just for the color.

ThatOneGuyThere1474d ago

apparently they're introducing a PS1 theme for PS4 as well. It includes that sexy start up sound..

TWB1474d ago


Ohmigooood ;_;

Playstation startup sounds have been gradually getting worse, hearing that sound from my PS4 would be amazing.

oh yeah, would love to have that controller, the home button with that coloured PS icon real makes it so much more awesome.

Muzikguy1474d ago

I think Sony should make a hell of a lot more than just 12,300 of these!

I agree the startup sounds have been getting worse. It's weird too because it's such a simple and easy thing to do. Didn't help they completely took the PS3 one away for those dam warnings

PizzaSteve1474d ago

Man Sony should make at least 1m. They will all sell. They probably sold out now. Watch they hit ebay for like 3k.

ziggurcat1474d ago


i'm with you there - i don't need another PS4, but i would like one of those controllers.

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TXIDarkAvenger1474d ago

so nice, now where do I buy?

Fro_xoxo1474d ago

this is the best looking PS4.

Galletto31474d ago

That is a good looking console!