Will Microsoft pay indie developers their September Payment before Christmas ?

Indie Game and Phone App Developers are still waiting for their September payments, Microsoft does not want to comment on the íssue.

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uth111147d ago

Give Microsoft a break, they have an Xbox One holiday price cut to pay for /s

tlougotg1147d ago

Plus the massive money they spent giving the expensive "Limbo" away to Xbox faithfuls lol hahahahaha smh A company gives me that for being a devoted fan id spit on them. Since ive been a PS4 owner ive gottent few things free but my favorite was whent hey were sending emails around for $20 to spend on the psn store as a faithful plus member!!!! that happened twice without having to buy anything at the store first, those were different offerings too.

marlinfan101147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

"Id spit on them" lol you must feel like a real tough guy.

Ive never seen people complain about a company giving people FREE stuff. It is MS were talking about though so I guess I shouldn't be surprised

TheBrit1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

WOW - I will gladly take Limbo for free - thank you!

masterfox1147d ago

Give MS a break ? a freaking monopoly taking our money from whatever area possible ? lol hell no!!

uth111147d ago

you missed my /s for sarcasm ;)

3-4-51147d ago

The Wii U is just sitting there waiting for you dev's to bring your games to it.

I'm sure Nintendo will pay you too...:-)

Not bashing Micro...I own an XB1, hopefully everyone gets paid ASAP.

NuggetsOfGod1147d ago

If anyone will push wiiu to its limits it the indie devs..

Qrphe1147d ago

>I'm sure Nintendo will pay you too

Please understand...

Agent_hitman1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

Your argument is invalid, business is business and MS promised that they will pay Indie devs after 45 days? and until now they haven't paid most of them. So do you think that's what you call a good business and deserve to give them a fvcking break? C'mon people, you know how business work especially if there's a contract existing and in fact Indie devs can file a complaint against MS and sue them but I guess it won't happen since Ms is a giant company.

XboxOneX1147d ago

Microsoft will continue to dominate well into 2015 :) I am happy the Xbox One is doing so well right now.

FATHASUN1147d ago


No other explanation. Dominate?? This is bizarro world? Alternate reality?

Magicite1147d ago

dominate your room? maybe.

Keltech1147d ago

They should add an extra bubble down category for this guy. A "corporate shill" category.

XboxOneX1147d ago

@Keltech I can see exactly what you are doing right now. Trying to discredit me and anyone else who supports Microsoft. I will NEVER be SILENCED and will always continue to support Microsoft and EVERYTHING they do. It is people like you who gives this site a bad name by constantly attacking people based on their console preference.

SonyAddict1147d ago

Ha hahaaa so funny lol!.

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nosferatuzodd1147d ago

lol plus giving away 10 games to make people buy their system then jump for joy when they win November like they did without cheating lol

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1147d ago

It appears that Microsoft's pockets aren't bottomless after all.

hay1147d ago

Of course, but sure they are tangled as hell.

hazelamy1147d ago

no, they are.
it's just, being bottomless, stuff goes in, but never comes out.

FATHASUN1147d ago

So Microsoft pockets are like... A Roach Motel?

Convas1147d ago

Lets see how many non-freelancers understand what's going on here ...

Gaming247allday1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

I bet you they pay that Activision check pretty damm quick though for the COD DLC lol

in all seriousness though, here is what Microsoft said

"I've been contacted by Kris Steele who has had contact with Microsoft recently. While no official statement has been issues yet by Microsoft. Microsoft are claiming there was an error with the sales data figures which they are now working out. They apparently now intend to pay developers within the next two weeks."

rdgneoz31147d ago

So a 45 day time limit turns into up to 78 days... Nice way of getting devs to want to bring future games to their systems...

Skate-AK1147d ago

Even worse because the parity clause. They were forced to make their game exclusive and they haven't been paid for it.

ReturnToSanity1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

What if there really was a sales figure data issue? Surely would understand they don't want to make up numbers while paying the developers. Maybe they'll get a a bonus, who knows? Besides, Microsoft just became the 2nd most valuable company in the world. I highly doubt they can't afford to pay anyone.

FATHASUN1147d ago

Merry Christmas Indie Devs. Love M$.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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