Unreal Engine 4.6 Now Available

VRFocus - Last month VRFocus reported on the updates that the upcoming 4.6 version of Epic Games' Unreal Engine development tool will bring. The changelog includes some significant updates for virtual reality (VR) developers that will help them improve their experiences for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) on PC and other devices. Today Epic Games has finally released Unreal Engine 4.6 for licence owners so that they can now take full advantage of that changelog.

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kakashi811468d ago

Why is this article in the wii u section?

N4g_null1468d ago

It talks about unity3d maybe? What is cool is unity3d is going to have full shader support on the wiiu! It will be the first release that comes out at the same time as everyone else also. It even has support for those shiny particles. This engine could provide the code that paves away from wiiu 3rd parties to port easier also. Only a few out fits are writing gpgpu only code. Everyone is still using wrapped code even unreal 4. Which might be the true reason for why sony and ms have so many bugs.

randomass1711468d ago

I thought Wii U could support Unreal 4? :U

Ck1x1468d ago

I love it, so they hyped unreal engine 4 and nobody is really using that for games and now they are moving on to UE4.6! Good luck with that... Epic got way too cocky during the 7th generation with UE3 and barely anyone cares about UE4.

N4g_null1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Actually tons of people are using it. The big guys just have their own kit. It's all about unity3d and unreal right now. Both tool sets are great but unity3d has better wiiu support.

A lot about this gen is still not talked about. It has been a laser focus on pr and sales. It will be a little longer till gpgpus are fully utilized. Epic was one of the big fighters against it. Notice how nvidia doesn't talk about them as much.

Ck1x1468d ago

I have to disagree with you, yes a few developers have come out and claimed support for UE4, nothing like during the 7th gen when Epic pretty much had a lock on games being made using UE3. More people are using UE4 now that they made it free to smaller developers and reduced the licensing fees. But primarily most developers are still creating their own engines this generation. How many games have come out thus far using UE4?

ChickeyCantor1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Epic changed their subscription. You pay a monthly fee and there are royalty costs when you sell your game. About 20 bucks a month? Hell yes a lot of people are using it. Big games also need time.

Students get to use it for free. Meaning that they get used to the engine/system. Meaning UE will have more users.

Same way Unity is wildly used because of the free version.

Also the .6 denotes an update version. Do you even software bro?

N4g_null1468d ago

Thanks for proving what I said to be right. There seems to be a miss-understanding. The big guys are other publisher based studios. Most indies are not big. Also everyone has their own engine simply because epic sort of refuses to support gpgpu which is nvidia ' s main push. What is even funnier is Nintendo is a big supporter of gpgpu computing which is how the wiiu was designed. Yet ms and Sony both support wrappers so development teams can use older shader classes and code. Yes these engines hardly support the gpgpu so technically the wiiu has the only true gpgpu engine in nintendo's 1st party games.

So epic only has the indies to cater to now. They will need to fight unity3d very hard to keep that revenue stream. Once epic cracks the gpgpu nut they will need less floating point performance also. Which means mobile and wiiu support will get better. Everyone I know is waiting on unity3d 5. It has many of unreal bells and whistles.