Would a Two Arm-Cannon Samus be Good for Metroid?

Hardcore Gamer: Dual-Cannon Samus Aran literally wouldn’t have hands, thus making it impossible for her to hold a fork, spoon, or chopsticks. This would ensue in a horrifying tale of starvation, as every attempt at eating would result in one or more arm-cannons filled with food products and/or utensils.

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Spooney3231475d ago

Power up for boss fights i can see the use for 2 cannons.

1474d ago
MSBAUSTX1475d ago

Other than it being a special power up or add on to the suit I feel it would make the game almost silly. You gotta be able to open doors, grab things, operate controls in her ship, pick your dam nose, and other useful things that only hands can do. So no, two cannons all the time would be ridiculous. Every now and then in a battle? Yes.

wonderfulmonkeyman1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Pretty much this.
Outside of a temporary transformation to amp up her power for certain attacks, having two arm cannons would be detrimental to her ability to progress.
What would be cooler, though, would be an upgrade that causes four "mini-cannons" to form in a circular pattern around the middle of her current arm cannon to amplify its power when needed, IMO.
Imagine four of them popping out during a charge beam, if held long enough, that would shoot into the main beam, or charge right alongside it, which would make it go into an "overcharge" attack with much flashier results in trade for the longer charge time.

Lighter91474d ago

Special endgame unlock.

DoggyBiscuit1474d ago

I wouldn't mind owning this amiibo is look awesome