New Evolve Screenshots and Evacuation Mode Details Released

2K and Turtle Rock have released a new batch of screenshots for Evolve, and a few of them detail the new Evacuation mode that was announced yesterday via a new story trailer. Evacuation aims to combine all of the game’s maps, modes, hunters, and monsters into a single dynamic experience that will change every time you play it.

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snowbearder1470d ago

The screenshots look amazing

JudgmentJay1470d ago

"aims to combine all of the game’s maps" now thats a thought process I can get behind

Palitera1470d ago

Good, because the game itself, judging from the demo, looks like crap.

Svinya1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

There was never a demo released...

Unless you mean the Alpha, in which case you need to look up the definition of an alpha and a demo.

Palitera1470d ago

^ And you may need to update your definitions, since today "alphas" and "betas" are, well, mostly demos.

TenBensons1470d ago

This is going to be so much fun with friends.

Addy1470d ago

according to screen shots it gonna rock the gaming world