Review: Far Cry 4 | Htxt

It's so good, Far Cry 4 should be on everybody's Christmas list, and may even be a contender for Game of the Year.

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Playdor1148d ago

I wonder if it has good multiplayer. Didn't feel the multiplayer of 3.

jagermaster6191148d ago

I think the multiplayer is actually pretty good Im liking it so far

pivotplease1148d ago

Didn't touch it, but I feel like I'm going through multiplayer fatigue again. Played SP for years until Destiny and now I've relapsed and am playing FF games on my Vita lol. Beat this a few days ago though and it's worth it for the SP IF you enjoyed FC3's campaign (it's not very different...just don't expect something as intense as the Skrillex weed-burning session).

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