Level Up: How PlayStation Infiltrated Youth Culture

Twenty years ago, an exciting new games console began appearing in nightclub chillout rooms, subversive TV ads and cutting-edge style magazines. Keith Stuart and Steve Boxer on how Sony raided the underground to create the PlayStation generation.

The room was painted black and cut off from the rest of the club down a short, darkened staircase. Approaching the doorway, you could just make out a row of flickering screens, but as you stepped in it was suddenly clear what was going on. This was the Ministry of Sound, the citadel of the mid-90s clubbing boom – and here was a room full of people playing on Sony PlayStation consoles.

PlayStation took the age of the average gamer from about 14 to about 23,” says Glendenning. “It made games cool, it made them part of popular youth culture – people were no longer embarrassed to admit they played them.

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