Far Cry 3’s Vaas Still A Better Villain than Far Cry 4’s Pagan Min

TheBitBag: Ubisoft has finally released Far Cry 4, the latest addition to the Far Cry series. Far Cry is one of the most popular first-person adventure game that most players loved. It’s no question why the series had sequels coming out every now and then.

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JoeMcCallister1443d ago

I disagree with some of the points made, but interesting take on it. I think the consensus on Min is that he's great, but most wanted to see him more. I'm just glad we have a series that has competent writing of interesting villains.

pasta_spice1443d ago

Pagan could have been an awesome villain if Ubisoft had bothered to give him a decent amount of screentime.

After the introduction scene you dont even see him for about 5 hours! I thought Ubisoft learned their lesson after people complained how little screentime Vaas had in FC3 but Pagan Min gets even LESS screentime than Vaas did! Which is a shame because Pagan's dialogue and scenes are some of the best in the game. Considering how much Pagan Min appeared in the marketing and on the box art, I thought he would have a much bigger impact on the story. You get brief glimpses of a great villain with an interesting backstory but that's all they are: Brief glimpses. It was disappointing. It seemed like Ubisoft wanted to do more with the character. But for some reason they didn't.

pivotplease1443d ago

Yeah, I can't help but feel Ubisoft games are almost always cropped and trimmed down to fit a strict release schedule. The game could have used another year to flesh out the story and feel more like a sequel. The fatigue isn't on an AC or Marvel level, but if they release FC5 in two years with the same formulas, I won't be too impressed. I'm giving FC4 a free pass just because it's a well polished game among the broken promises that normally plague the start of a generation.

pasta_spice1443d ago

Yeah I agree, delaying the game a few more months so that Ubisoft could better flesh out the story would have helped alot. I enjoyed FC4's gameplay but the story and characters greatly disappointed me (I think my hopes were too high after Ubisoft promised they would fix the mistakes they made with FC3) and I don't think I could sit through another barebones story in FC5 to play the exact same open-world gameplay all over again. I was really looking forward to a great villain and an interesting plot this time around because so much emphasis was put on it in the trailers and marketing, so even though I had fun with FC4 I still ended up feeling disappointed because the story was so bland and most of the characters annoyed me.

King-u-mad1442d ago

Vaas was not the main villain in FC3 thus why he got what he got, and it was done well.

GTgamer1443d ago

Vaas is my all time favorite he told me the definition of insanity and and was lovable funny and scared the crap out of me theirs a reason he's the face of Far Cry 3 I didn't even wanna kill him when the part came :( I hoped it was just a dream.
But Min's screen time is limited as hell.

Fizzerd1443d ago

Shiiiiit wanted to agree but I messed up.

Schizoid1443d ago

Vaas was awesome. Pagen dosn't even come close.

SynestheticRoar1443d ago

I agree vaas was a pimp. Pagan min gives off a fruity vibe.

LightofDarkness1443d ago

He is gay, you know that, right? He says it flat out towards the beginning.

vishmarx1443d ago

doesnt he say he and AJ's mother were in love though??
or at least he was

LightofDarkness1442d ago

He says "I know what you're thinking. Yes, I am batting for the other team. There was only ever one woman I could love, and that was your mother."

MysticStrummer1443d ago

Hard to say. Both were equally wasted as characters.

pivotplease1443d ago

Exactly. It's a shame, but it's pretty common with games and movies. It's exactly how I felt when I watched the batman trilogy and played most Final Fantasy games. Villains just get swept aside by time bombs and anti-gods from the abyss.

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