Paranerds: Watch Dogs – Wii U Review

Six months ago the highly-anticipated title Watch Dogs came out for other consoles and recently a Wii U version was released to delight the Nintendo console. Is it six months too late or was the wait worth it?

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wiiuandps41446d ago

The game is more fun than I thought it would be, but it's a terrible port with almost no visual upgrades over the ps3 version, with no screen tear at least, but runs at 20 fps during driving missions. 8/10 seems a little high

Theparanerds1446d ago

thanks for the comment- I've never played the other versions so there was nothing for me to compare to how it was to what it is. I'm strictly looking at this version alone.

Driving seemed fine and fast to me (besides the slippery controls).

wiiuandps41446d ago

No problem. It is still playable and fun. It just looks pretty awful for a wiiu game in the open world sections in the daytime especially. Just expect a typical unoptimized ubisoft port and you will be fine.

gpturbo811446d ago

it plays fine. looks fine.

clouds51446d ago

I own ever other ubisoft title for the wii u except just dance. But this one? I think I'm gonna pass.. Half a year late, framerate issues? Maybe if it's on sale much later on. Plus, the game is not that interesting to me.