Sony Gets DS and Wii-like Handheld Patents

Sony's follow up to the PSP may feature a touch screen and motion-sensing capabilities, going by a pair of recent Sony Computer Entertainment America patents.

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Condoleezza Rice3819d ago

Sony have been using Touch Screen Technology before Nintendo unveiled both the Ds and Wii.

Time Lord3819d ago

no necessary a PSP2, with PSP2 Sony must make sure it will be impossible to hack into like PSP.

Tomdc3819d ago

that was jus what I was thinking, a phone is a far more likely answer.

Fishy Fingers3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Hardly surprising, touch screen seems to be whats "in" right now and game wise, it offers a lot of freedom (creatively) when compared to the more conventional controls.

Motion sensing or "tilt" sensing should also be considered as a "shoe-in", the technology is relatively cheap, simple and tried and tested. It's a natural thing to include as once again, it's more opportunity for developers.

Personally, Id be disappointed if these features weren't included.

Muff1nB4k3r3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

The guys that make custom firmware, and emulators will definitely get a kick out of the touchscreen capabilities, think about it... you could get a PSP2 or whatever it could be called, and get to play ds games as efficiently as on DS! Or at least have it a more natural conversion from the DS without having to use 'joystick' on the PSP. There are already DS emulators, but they're pretty slow, so if they manage to make the emulators more efficient by using a touchscreen, the potential can be quite interesting to say the least.

chasuk083819d ago

There will never be custom firmware on the psp2. Sony would of learnt by their mistakes and make a system similar to the PS3

DJ3819d ago

So hopefully they do make the PSP 2's screen touch-sensitive.

Silogon3819d ago

Keep this motion junk on the handhelds where it belongs. Keep it off my consoles!!

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