PlayStation 20th Anniversary discounts go live today

Can you believe on this day 20 years ago Sony changed the world of gaming by launching the original PlayStation? To celebrate this momentous occasion PlayStation Store is slashing the prices of some classic titles to help bring back some of our best memories.

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MSBAUSTX1110d ago

The dates on some of these sales do not make sense. One of them says "On sale from 3-12-14 thru 24-12-14. What the hell date is that?

SniperControl1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

It's British format

3rd December 2014 to the 24th December 2014.

MSBAUSTX1110d ago

Ah my bad. I had no idea that was the way they did it. Thanks for clearing that up. I hate looking stupid.

NewAgeisHere1110d ago

No, this is not a British format,it's format used by most of the world......

Qrphe1110d ago

You meant to say the standard format but that's OK

Xof1110d ago

I think they call it "netrick." Crazy cult.

USMC_POLICE1110d ago

The usa is the only place that uses the date as we do and a 12hr clock. I wish we would join the rest of the world.

itBourne1110d ago

Lol, damn Americans! Those Arizonans are even worse, they dont do daylight savings either.

Abromb1110d ago

Standard format makes sense... Smallest to largest.

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Kane221110d ago

this how the uk show their dates. its pretty much december 3rd to the 24th.

pkb791110d ago

Day, month, year. Makes most sense that way around.

Immorals1110d ago

Never understood the mm/dd format. It makes no sense.

Oldman1001110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

I prefer the m/d/y format myself. The reason for this is because If someone asks me what the date is I would say "December 3rd 2014" not "3rd of December 2014". If I say it out loud or to myself using the month before the day it makes the most sense to also format it that way when reading or writing it out. To each their own I guess.

Lord_Sloth1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

I've just always looked at it as the smallest peak number is 1st, then it counts up. There's only 12 months, but there can be up to 31 days, and of course the year is the largest but I'm weird anyways.

Link2DaFutcha1110d ago

That's how dates are shown pretty much everywhere else in the world.

ainTgoTTime2bleed1110d ago

''3-12-14 thru 24-12-14. What the hell date is that?''

....And this is why aliens don't communicate with us....

Bathyj1110d ago

Remember, this is a place that found metric too hard to learn.

I mean
12 inches in a foot
3 feet in a yard
1760 yards in a mile

is much easier than

10 millimeters in a centimeter
100 centimeters in a meter
1000 meters in a kilometer


Dont get me started on Ounces and Gallons, I mean what the hell is that?

YoungKingDoran1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

Don't forget about temperature:

0°C - Freezing
100°C - Boiling
Easy enough
32°F - Freezing
212°F - Boiling

Too hard to learn metric? Sorry, but Americans are geniuses if they can understand how Fahrenheit works cause I'm stumped.

UKmilitia1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

well when u think about it british date format makes more sense.

yanks and altering normal formats :)

Alsybub1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

In the UK (and most other parts of the world) 3-12-14 reads - 'the 3rd of December 2014'. When read out loud the format makes more sense.

mmcglasson1109d ago


Are you really that incompetent or just ignorant?

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CocoWolfie1110d ago

ratchet and sly on vita ;) yes please

MegaRay1110d ago

Why cant NA sales be like this? I really want a Sly Vita sale.... or anything for Vita aside from indies (and I already bought sao)

snookiegamer1110d ago


Dude, like seriously, even if you're not familiar with the UK date format...

You couldn't work that one out for yourself? Dang! you're so totally hilarious, but that's a FAIL all the same ;/

Oh yup! Super awesome for PS EU Store BTW LOL

error131110d ago

I'm soooo getting the metal gear hd collection.

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