Rainbow Six Siege - Cover and Lean Explained

MWEB GameZone writes:"In Rainbow Six: Siege the player will never be forced to adjust their actions because of cinematic animation. Always being able to take action and complete an action is at the core of Rainbow Six: Siege experience.

A split second is all that it takes for everything to go completely haywire and find yourself on the losing end of a bullet."

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hiredhelp1449d ago

Forgot about siege lets hope its solid dont remember other RS Games having issues thie was a while since vega 2.

pompombrum1449d ago

For me Vegas and it's sequel both suffered from pretty bad lag and had a really annoying sound lag issue on the Xbox 360. Was annoying in Vegas but to actually see the same issue in the sequel was taking the piss. Fingers crossed for this game though, it looked great at E3.

hiredhelp1449d ago

Hopfully deadicated servers will fix that back then we never got deadicated servers.

otherZinc1448d ago

Where's the Campaign?

Where's Campaign Co-op?

Where's Terrorist Hunt 4 Co-op?

I loved the campaign in the Rainbow Six Games. I even got the Achievement for beating the entire game with a Pistol on Realistic Mode.

My friends & I would run 4 player Terrorist Hunt back in the days.

Where is it? You aren't talking about it UBISOFT!

It's a No Buy if these things aren't in Siege!

hiredhelp1448d ago

There taken the game into a hostage scenario I think..
Theres not much actually been let out the bag in way modes content so lets see but yeh i loved terrorist played my buddys as team great.

SonZeRo1449d ago

Ubisoft ... i don't trust them anymore. This is what it is all gonna come down too. I havent played a Rainbow Six in a few years but it was always quite tactical, which can be fun but pushing it too much realism then people with problems differentiating reality from fiction start mixing the two up.

RobAlmighty1449d ago

You are correct, after playing GTA 5 in first person, I cannot stop punching people in the face in real life. I can't differentiate between what is a game and real life anymore.... =(

Allsystemgamer1448d ago

Rainbow six was always realistic until Vegas.......

jackwei221449d ago

I hope this game is successful as the team who made rainbow vegas 1 & 2 isn't there anymore.

Summons751449d ago

Good because Rainbow Six Vegas 1&2 were crap on the name Rainbow Six. From the look and sound from interviews it's going back to being Rainbow Six and being about the team work, the strategy, the stealth and accuracy. Vegas were run and guns.

hiredhelp1449d ago

Vegas were run and gun lol guess you didnt play game like me my team mates. Plan as you do with CQC.

Killz4Twinkies1449d ago

So pumped for a tactical shooter. Even with the initial trailer being scripted this game looks amazing imo. Finally a step away from super arcade-y fps. I am sure this will fall into a niche crowd as it is not call of duty but lets hope the community is awesome and ubisoft supports it for years to come.

ATi_Elite1449d ago

I'm totally pumped up for this and so are a whole lot of my Pc Gaming buddies.

Once Rainbow Six Siege was announced BF:Hardline became non existent as Siege is gonna be the core tactical shooter Pc Gamers love and the community will be large and very competitive.

Ubisoft needs to get THIS ONE right.

RobAlmighty1449d ago

Im praying that it is amazing! Cant wait.

spence524901449d ago

I need that good rainbow six 3 feeling back. Let's go Ubi give us something good!