Free to play MOBA Invokers Tournament now out for PS4

The free to play action packed MOBA Invokers Tournament can now be downloaded in the PS Store for your PS4.


Update: seems to be EU only for now

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il-JumperMT1476d ago

Don't even bother. Its horrible

Farsendor11476d ago

i'm going to at least try it.

Volkama1476d ago

I quite want a good MOBA on consoles. I like the idea of the genre, but I don't get along with the click-to-move control scheme in all the big PC MOBAs (not to mention the infamously toxic communities).

I'll probably give this a try. Same with SMITE when it lands on the XBox.

Not generally a fan of free to play though, which seems to be the way of the MOBA. A bad F2P model is enough to ruin any game. DOTA2 has a friendly model though so it's not impossible.

Deathdeliverer1476d ago

Never heard of it. I'm going to look it up for some gameplay. I love League and Dota.

eddieistheillest1476d ago

i cant find this on my PS4 or mobile site. Anyone have a link ?

phatprize1476d ago

On Reddit, people are saying it is only out for EU right now, and US wont get it till earliest Jan/Feb of 2015 :(

eddieistheillest1476d ago

Damn... Thanks for the info.