The Birth of a Legend - 20 Years of PlayStation

Push Square: "Hell hath no fury like a Japanese tech giant scorned – as the saying doesn't go – but when Nintendo left Sony at the altar following a passionate yet brief engagement which almost saw the two joining forces to create an all-in-one SNES CD-ROM system, few would have believed that in the space of just a few years the jilted party would be the biggest name in the video game arena. PlayStation might be a household name now, but twenty years ago – when the console made its debut in its native Japan – it was very much an unknown quantity."

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Ballsack1472d ago

Certain gaming companies for what they have achieved garner that respect

And nintendo really do deserve soo much praise for what they have brought to gaming

Sony for taking gaming out of nerds basements and making it mainstream with adult related games

Nintendo for just birthing soo many genres
Of quality ips

And sega for bringing the arcades into our homes..

These three companies are what gamings about

Oh cant forget atari..