Someone Is Selling A Factory Sealed Legless Princess Peach amiibo On eBay

First it was a dual Arm Cannon Samus amiibo that surfaced. Now, someone has listed a legless Peach amiibo on the widely known auction site eBay.

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MajorGecko1295d ago

nintedo fans will make the value of these sky rocket

italiangamer1295d ago

Yep, only Nintendos amiibo could create these price insanity (in a good sense). No one gives a f*** about defective skylanders or disney infinity toys. Nintendo makes people go crazy XD

jsslifelike1294d ago

Who is manufacturing these Amiibo? Ubisoft?

3-4-51294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

legless makes it like she is gliding like in Super Mario Bros. 2....= could increase value even more.

The "Mistake" is somehow cannon to the

Blastoise1295d ago

Some of these figures are so ugly o.O

error131295d ago

There was a samus amiibo that sold for a lot in Europe.

vork771295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Watch nintendo release a legless princess peach Amiibo

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