20 Years of PlayStation: A Story of Revenge

MWEB GameZone writes: "It’s weird to think that a device that has brought so much pleasure and so much joy to so many people all over the world came to fruition out of spite."

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slappy5081470d ago

Now that's what I call a history lesson

HanCilliers1470d ago

Yea, a lot of things about PlayStation I didn't know

izumo_lee1470d ago

Of all the stories over the years about gaming this is probably the greatest ever told. That the birth of one of the most successful brand in gaming was created with one intent: Vengeance!

It's funny that in another life Sony & Nintendo could have been the greatest of partner, but instead Nintendo's own ignorance created their own greatest rival.

no_more_heroes1470d ago

Pretty much. Nintendo goofed BIG time. I wonder what the Nintendo Playstation would've been like?

Also, is that avatar from P4G?

shaw981470d ago

I heard it was out of fear. Nintendo backed out of the deal because sony would have a chance to control their ip's. Nintendo did not want this, resulting in there last second switch. Though either way Sony saw this last second switch as rude and decided to make a console on there own.

GameSpawn1470d ago

Sony would have had more control than Nintendo wanted at that time, but Nintendo was pretty draconian during the 8bit and 16bit era. Their "Nintendo Seal of Approval" was glorified censorship.

In a very Japanese Sony's eyes at the time, Nintendo's actions to back out of the deal the way they did was a high form of dishonor (remember Japanese companies here) and essentially became an act of war. This is why they were such aggressive competition with the first PlayStation. Sony heads at the time wanted nothing to do with home console gaming, because they saw the market as niche and not worth the investment, but Nintendo changed their minds and as consequence a niche market became a real money maker that rivals other entertainment markets in size.

AlphaBlackWolf961470d ago

Great article! Let's make that 500 million consoles by 2034!

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The story is too old to be commented.