Something Unexpected For PS4 Will Be Announced Soon by Capcom

Capcom’s Hiroyushi Kobayashi was present at the PlayStation Awards livestream hosted by Famitsu and Dengeki PlayStation, and teased something quite interesting.

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Abriael1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Lol, that's a silly theory as it comes. Capcom's not for sale :D

It's a game, and one that people don't expect, according to Kobayashi.

BitbyDeath1387d ago

Thought they were having money troubles a while back?

showtimefolks1387d ago


I thought they were open to being bought if I remember correctly now there is no investors protection on them being sold or something

I am not expecting Sony to buy capcom either but I remember easing something on n4g about capcom open to the idea now

On topic:

Could this be at sony's playstation event?

Ezz20131387d ago

I would scream like a girl if it's Dino Crisis

i loved 1 and 2 alot on Ps1

bouzebbal1387d ago

"mentioned that the company will announce something during the week after the next"
what? next what?

Onimusha, Maximo or Dino Crisis? this would be unexpected but i dont believe in Capcom anymore

morganfell1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Guerilla Games making an open world Dino Crisis. I know that is a shot in the dark but they are working on a game that is supposedly open world and involves dinosaurs. Now Capcom info surfaces so I couldn't resist pairing the two.

Personally I hope the game is DMC for the PS4 though Steetfighter is a strong possibility and likely contender.

freshslicepizza1387d ago

sony doesn't really have the funds to acquire capcom. they are trying to reduce costs. there is no reason for them anyways since the ps4 is really the only viable system for capcom in japan for next gen games. not only that but capcom's ip's have really disintegrated over the years.

TOTSUKO1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

I don't believe it
Kobayashi is not a real person....

BitbyDeath1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )


The reason would be to save Capcom who have a wealth of IP's.
Last year Capcom only had $152 million in the bank.

That is not a lot of money when in the business of making AAA titles.

lociefer1387d ago

Maybe a capcom vs sony fighting title

Exari1387d ago

hmmmm capcom confirmed they are working on dragon's dogma 2, and this guy worked on the first one, and its prolly a multiplat game.. I have a high expectation its footage of DD2, which would make me so happy

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Psygnosis3331387d ago

Dino Crisis is so underated game

IzhanShafiq1387d ago

Oh God! Those days when i used to play Dino Crisis all day! They should make a Dino Crisis 4 or just remake first two! I've heard DC3 was a mess.

bouzebbal1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

sorry to say it but Dino Crisis 3 release on xbox killed the series. it flopped so bad cause it was a terrible game.
skipping PS was a greedy and clumsy move from crapcom..

lunatic00011387d ago

regardless if it skipped playstation or was a horrible game...even if it would have released on ps2 it would have sucked wouldnt have magically made it any better if it had come out on playstation...crap is crap regardless of platform

bouzebbal1387d ago

i dont really agree.. Sometimes developers are pushing their games very fast because the manufacturer was funding them and MS is one of these.
See what Star Ocean: The Last Hope is. It's the worst ever Star Ocean because they had to release it fast and it was unfinished. Dino Crisis on Xbox was no different.
It was a terrible game but was so rushed cause MS wanted some big exclusive names to link to the xbox brand at that time.

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Sitdown1387d ago

Guess you and the people agreeing with you simply for sucked in my the sturgeon grabbing headline, and failed to read the article. Something unexpected is coming and .(dot) .(dot) .(dot) they are working to bring it to the ps4.

Magicite1387d ago

A PROPER Dino Crysis only on PS4?

kayoss1387d ago

Monster Hunter Confirmed!!
Both for PS vita and PS4. If this happens, i will love capcom again. Please lord dont let it be Omega Ultra Street fighter 4 Champion edition.

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reko1387d ago

Ohh interesting 😒😃

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1387d ago

Capcom becomes a Sony first party developer.

Special-Agent-Milo1387d ago

Resident Evil 7? Monster Hunter? Dino Crisis reboot?

Jdoki1387d ago

Dino Crisis.

Would make sense.

Ride off the back of the hype for the new Jurassic World film

kayoss1387d ago

What does Sony and Capcom have to do with Jurassic World Film?? Sony dont have any stake in the Jurassic films. Dont make sense at all.

Jdoki1387d ago

I didn't say it had anything to do with it.

I said they could ride the hype.

A dinosaur movie generates more excitement and interest in... guess what!.. Dinosaurs! - That generally results in more sales of dinosaur related merchandise, so releasing a new Dino Crisis game during this period is bound to result in a few extra sales as people get caught up in the hype of frenzy.

When the original Jurassic Park came out, Universities and Colleges saw an increase in people signing up for subjects like archaeology and palaeontology - so there is a tangible impact that can be seen from certain films.

I hope you don't work in marketing kayoss!

iDadio1387d ago

Any of these + Dragons Dogma 2

TheMutator1387d ago

Devil May Cry 5 PS4 exclusive :)

Gigaryu1387d ago

THis would be just epic!