IGN: Quantum of Solace First-Look

Casino Royale relaunched the James Bond license on the silver screen. Now Activision and Treyarch are hoping to do the same with its upcoming Bond game, Quantum of Solace. With the Call of Duty 4 engine as its backbone, Treyarch is putting together a game that it sees as the launch of a franchise. That engine is a good place to start, but it's only the beginning for 007.

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TheColbertinator3819d ago

Tryarch is behind this?Thats a shame.

sinncross3819d ago

call of duty 4 looks better then this, what the hell...

MK_Red3819d ago

Lost interest the moment I saw Treyarch as the developer. Seriously, after Spiderman 3 and their comment about GearBox, I have no respect for them.

farhsa20083819d ago

you are all suckas, this game is gonna own, a must pick up for day one.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3819d ago

...Kutaragi...Sir Ken Kutaragi!!!;-D

PS3...Licence To Thrill!!!;)

I liked GoldenEye(N64!!!See i'm not a FanBoy...much!) ;-D
+ NightFire(PS2, the 4 player spilt-screen deathmatch on that was cool;) Loved the Rocket Launcher which you could guide remotely!!!) ;-P

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