Monkey Island 5, will it ever happen after all the LucasArts firings?

What will happen to the Monkey Island series now that in early June 2008 LucasArts fired 100 out of its 350 employees? These people included key developers responsible for classics such as Star Wars: X-Wing (1993), Full Throttle (1995), and Grim Fandango (1998). VGB takes a look at Monkey Island 5 from past to present.

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Andronix3816d ago

Monkey Island is always gonna be very, very special to me. Nostalgia and gaming nivarna. 1 & 2 are perfect, and even 3 is mostly brilliant (until the end.)

Sega outsourced Rez HD to the original creator. Ron Gilbert created Monkey Island, and has promised to reveal the 'true' secret if he ever made another game.

Why dont LucasArts give Ron Gilbert the rights to make a Monkey Island sequel? He knows the characters and the world better than anybody else, and the fans would love him to do it more than anybody else.

kazuma3816d ago

unless they do it 2d again, don't want it

Lumbo3816d ago

100% ack

loved 1 and 2 , from there on it went downhill.

kazuma3816d ago

ahah good taste ^^
but i also think that 3 was pretty cool too (still 2d just bigger and prettier), but the fourth one sucked balls

Polluted3816d ago

The last one was kind of lame after they abandoned the scumm system. Maybe if they made an old school Monkey Island style game for Live and PSN. That would be awesome.

funzotothemax3816d ago

damn i love these games. i wish they would make more of these, plus king's quest/space quest/ and all the like. but that's never going to happen. oh well

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