PS4 System Update v 2.03 Live Now - Download Link Here w/Changelog

Sony recent PS4 firmware update 2.0, while chocked full of cool features, needed some more tweaking and the latest update addresses some of those issues.

Sony’s official download link and change log can be found after the jump.

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Cra2yey31026d ago

Some change log.... Where's the messages fix?

xHeavYx1026d ago

It's right there, next to the cheese to have with your whine.

moldybread1025d ago

so another stability update? impressive.

Cra2yey31025d ago

I'm not whining. The messaging is broken. Sorry you have no friends to send messages to.

Ripsta7th1025d ago (Edited 1025d ago )

Hahaha and thats why Sony isnt in a hurry to fix their problems, their fans will defend them and put up through anything
Edit: LMAO owned by cra2yey3z

xHeavYx1025d ago

Uh, I don't need to send messages, I use the party chat that so many people also whined to get. I do have friends, but these are real friends, you probably never heard of the term "real friends" though.

andibandit1025d ago

Am I the only one who cant spot the changelog?

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XboxOneX1026d ago

Hopefully this update fixes all the issues on PS4.

jspsc1231026d ago

so everyone who clicked disagree is happy with the message system

Applejack1025d ago

I guess you don't know trolls when you see them.

jspsc1231025d ago

just cause he is trolling doesnt make him wrong

nosferatuzodd1025d ago

dude he is a troll other than the message system what issues he talking about oh please tell me

kayoss1025d ago (Edited 1025d ago )

Hopefully this update also help xbox one catch up to PS4 sales.

Paprika1026d ago

Yet to turn on my ps4 I just bought, will this update be one of many required once connected, or will it update everything at once in this update?

Cra2yey31026d ago

All at once in 1 single download.

Paprika1026d ago

Thanks guys, + Bubble :)

Jide1026d ago

I hope it fixes most issues as well

Viryu1026d ago

I can't find the change log >.<