Target Australia Removes GTA V From Shelves Due To Customer Feedback

Earlier tonight, Target Australia took to their Facebook page to notify its fans that they have removed GTA V from their shelves, due to concerns that have been raised by a majority of its customers.

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RocknRolla1300d ago

Buckled under peer pressure to remove a game that is legally allowed to be sold here. Wut!

XboxOneX1300d ago

Why is the majority of the customers? I am sure the people who have no issues with GTA V are way higher than the amount with the issues.

RocknRolla1300d ago

I have a feeling it's got something more to do than just customers complaining. Why was the game able to be sold for a whole year with no complaints or problems?

Mutant-Spud1300d ago

They probably had six people complain via Facebook, that's all it takes to get a product removed or a person fired from their job these days.
If I go down to Target right now I guarantee you I'll be able to pick up a box set of The Sopranos or OZ and a copy of Hostel or Saw on DVD plus as many gruesome crime novels or horror books as I can carry.
It's ridiculous, the other week there was an "outrage' over Aldi in Australia stocking a Roald Dahl book with the word slut in it, the book was pulled because people on Facebook threatened a boycott but then another lot screamed "Censorship!" and threatened to boycott if the book wasn't re stocked so it's back on sale.

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pasta_spice1300d ago

Who buys games from Target Australia anyway?

RocknRolla1300d ago

Not many people, they just walk in and take all the extras content that Target don't remove from the boxes.

Stiffler1300d ago

I occasionally do when they release the odd game or two for a cheap price. For instance COD AW was $64 for a while at release and the only retailer to match close to that was Jb for $79.

Must be all the mothers that shop there who got this removed...

Benchm4rk1300d ago

Most places will price match competition. I picked up GTA5 for $64 from EB games because Target had it out for $64. You just need to ask them to match it as they will not offer it to you.

Eonjay1300d ago

Do they sell violent movies? Music?

RocknRolla1300d ago

They've stated that they'll be selling other R18+ games and movies but NOT GTA V. Weird.

Stiffler1300d ago

Gotta be those feminist mothers who shop there...whelp. RIP

Bathyj1300d ago


The funny thing is, my town didn't have a Target, but the next town over does, and it's a crime ridden cesspool. Irony.

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The story is too old to be commented.