10 Disappointing Video Games That Lied To Get Your Money

WhatCulture writes:

Thanks to the highly competitive nature of the video games industry, it’s common for publishers to use any means necessary when it comes to getting sales. In the case of most modern AAA releases, this means shelling out a ton of money on marketing in order to build up high levels of pre-release hype.
Sadly, there have also been many instances in which publishers have been caught lying about the content of their releases, or at least twisting the truth beyond recognition. Promising features might be advertised, only to never see the light of day. The scope of the game might be blown horrifically out of proportion, with audiences only realising how limited it is after playing themselves.

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Dannycr1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

How about 10 disappointing websites that keep wanting me to change pages for each and every single item on the list?

I'm really starting to hate this trend. Having to go through 10 pages with just 3 very small paragraphs...

ABBAJESUS1420d ago

It is old trick.. I hate them too.

Hoffmann1420d ago


And there are more and more of them, trying to get more clicks/ad views to counter the growing adblock user number. While even more of us use adblock because such shitty practices.

On my own site I rather let the viewers scroll a bit instead of using so many pages for one type of article /content.

Dannycr1420d ago

On behalf of most of us readers, I thank you and your website for keeping it classic and comfortable for us.

Mikelarry1420d ago

oooo thanks for this, plus helpful bubble

Dannycr1420d ago

Bubbles are simply not enough to repay such kindness. I hope you win the lotto or something.


chrissx1420d ago

I knew it was whatculture and nope they will never get clicks from me. Annoying and ridiculous website

MeteorPanda1420d ago

normally l post the games selected cause l hate these click shit too..but honestly? this list is crap and not even worth copy pasting...

Tedakin1420d ago

Halo 2 man... Wow. I do remember getting the game and waiting and waiting for the amazing part shown at E3 to show up, and it never did. Massive disappointment.

Halo2ODST21420d ago

Halo 4 was a disappointment, halo 2 was amazing

Tedakin1420d ago

I wasn't disappointed in Halo 2 overall, I was disappointed I never got to play that awesome section from E3.

Halo2ODST21420d ago

Oh, i thought u meant the overall game, but i know the section ur talking about, that was awesome, yeah who wouldn't want to play that

Mikefizzled1420d ago

To be fair I thought chunks of Halo 2 were redone because they were leaked.

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The story is too old to be commented.