20th Anniversary Limited Edition PS4 Showcased in New Video

After being announced moments ago, Sony has just released a video that showcases the 20th Anniversary PS4.

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kingtroy1471d ago

Really cool keep up the great work Sony.

Yahdaree1471d ago

I want, no, I NEED one.

TomShoe1471d ago

I swear on my life, I WILL find a way to get this. Somehow.

Septic1471d ago

I want this so badly. I would happily exchange my current one and pay some extra on top to get this.

Forn1471d ago

It's just so f'n cool. Wish I could afford it right now.

Lulz_Boat1471d ago

instabuy as soon as it will be available! no matter how much it cost.

bigboss201471d ago

And I thought my white one was nice lol

jrshankill1471d ago

seriously? Grey? I think it looks awful. Sony can keep it.

KwietStorm1471d ago

You didn't have a PlayStation, did you? Did you even know there was a PlayStation 1?

LonDonE1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

agreed i wish the chime sound effect at the end was the start up sound for the ps4 i kinda miss not having a proper start up sound on ps4! x1 has a start up sound and every playstation system going back had it, dont know why ps4 dont? it would be nice and would make the ps4 even more bad ass!! man i wish i could talk my wife into letting me get one of these!! :(

Starting at 41 seconds onwards would be so awesome as the start up chime on ps4!!

traumadisaster1471d ago

If it makes u feel any better, next gen is nice but there is plenty left on last gen. I have both and 4k and find myself playing old arcade games from last gen.

Plus games will be cheaper when u upgrade.

LonDonE1466d ago

Buddy i allready own all 3 current gen consoles and all 3 last gen consoles too LOL check out my avatar pic LOL
I have always got every platform for every gen going back 30years! my dad bought them for me and my 3 brothers till i was old enough to buy them for myself at the age of 15 when i got my first job.

Luckily for me and my 3 brothers, 4 inlcuding me my family is pretty well off and so we have been fortunate enough to be able to buy every gaming platform in every generation.

I have been gaming since i was 3 and i am 31 now and so i have been playing games since the begining! its fasinating to see how far gaming has come, it truely is the greatest form of entertainment ever created.
Unlike music and tv/films, in gaming we are not just passively being entertained but we are actually taking part in the entertainment! molding our own experiences and immersing our selves in pure art created by some of the best minds out thier! I LOVE IT!

Long live gaming!! regardless of platform people chose to play on i think gaming is just great.

I always pull out the old dreamcast, sega saturn, nes etc when i feel like doing some old school gaming.
I always buy every new platform of gaming at launch always have and always will.
I love to support this industry which means allot to me, its not just my hobby its my passion too.
I cant imagine a new console coming out and i am still playing on the old one LOL i know for plenty PS3/360 is still good enough but not for me! infamous ss, the last of us remastered, killzone sf, titanfall, halo master chief collection all are amazing on current gen.

Seriously playing through the last of us (my game of last generation) and playing through Halo 1 to 4 in native 1080p 60fps are alone worth the £1000 i paid for both consoles.
And then there is the WiiU, Mario 3d world is EPIC! and so is numerous other games on all 3 consoles.

I really dont think any core gamer who has the money to upgrade to a X1/PS4 or WiiU would just chose not to and carry on playing last gen.

Mikelarry1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

I really hope they sell the controller separately and if every my current ps4 packs up... you know I am getting this one

PS4isKing_821471d ago

Awesome. Also hard to believe in three short months the ps2 will already be 15 years old :O

Time flies :( So many wonderful amazing memories thanks to PlayStation over the decades. I wouldn't trade it for the world :)

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The story is too old to be commented.