Has Playstation Plus finally reached a turning point?

Could Sony's decision to include Injustice in December's Playstation Plus line-up be a sign of things to come, or is this nothing more than a strategically timed premium offer?

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1269d ago

I guess the author doesn't understand that there aren't very many AAA PS4 games to offer PS Plus subscribers. It's pretty silly to expect such offerings in the FIRST YEAR of a console cycle. This PS Plus idea/issue was obviously started by noobs.

Bennibop1269d ago

Agreed it took 12 months of PS Plus for PS3 to get AAA games.

TimeSkipLuffy1269d ago

Also PS+ came later in the PS3 life cycle. Not straight away!

Cupid_Viper_31269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

@ IGiveHugs and Bennibop

I couldn't agree more with you guys if I wanted to. I've been saying this exact same thing when I see people get on forums to whine about PS+ offerings. And the people whining would never come out and suggest which game(s) Sony should give out for free, and you know why? Because it would completely kill their arguments.

Imagine how silly you'd sound if you were asking for KZ:SF for free after 6 months on the market. Or I:SS.

The other mind boggling thing for me is that I was always under the impression that it was the "new-comer" who has to prove himself to the crowd, and not the established veteran. PS+ have proven itself a long time ago on the PS3 and PSVita, so why aren't those same standards being applied to Microsoft and the GWG program? They're the one who just started out with this thing, and they should be the ones who have to prove themselves. Microsoft have been charging people for Xbox Live for nearly 12 years now, yet no pressure on them. Sony makes it mandatory for less then a year, and people are now so "concerned" that this is it for them.

But here's the truth, Microsoft isn't in a position to give out new games for free either, they already have less exclusives out for the XboxOne when compared to the PS4. And not only that, quite of few of exclusives are from third parties, which complicates things even more when it comes time to giving stuff away.

The point remains, I never see articles asking if this is it for GWG. Most of the time, Sony is being held to a standard that no one else have to reach. I mean, sure it would be great if Sony was giving away fairly new releases for free, but who else is doing that right now? And since no one else is doing it, why is that a negative for Sony?

freshslicepizza1269d ago

if they offer good indie games i'm fine with that. its not really fair to say aaa titles have dropped because plus didn't come until midway through the ps3 cycle when there was a bunch of aaa games to choose from.

i am not renewing my subscription, not because of the lack of aaa games but because the games they offer are mostly old and recycled games i already played. i dont own a ps4 yet so my whole subscription is based on the ps3. once i get a ps4 i will have to pretty much get plus and sony knows that which is why they can now get away with not offering much.

TriadGamer1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Can't argue with you there although don't you think Sony should have indicated as much? Those who don't keep up with games industry will be under the impression that PS Plus in its current state is what's its designed to be; an indie game subscription service with online play thrown in. You say this issue was started by 'noobs', but in this context, noobs are just gamers without much knowledge or interest in the industry itself, that doesn't stop it being an issue.

johndoe112111269d ago

Sorry I strongly disagree, Sony shouldn't have to ask customers to use a little bit of common sense. What the hell, now we have to be told to think a little smart and use our brains? It's like we can't even think for ourselves as a society anymore.

Willio1269d ago

@Triad Gamer

IF Sony's PS plus is bad, I can only imagine what the "noobs" think of XBOX Live is, a subscription service with only play ONLY.

blockcoc1269d ago

I see where you are coming from but just compare to the ps+ offerings from last november. AAA games within a year of their release.

medman1269d ago

Just came to say I make a point not to click on articles with ludicrous headlines.

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TimeSkipLuffy1269d ago

Turning point? Why do gamers expect retail games for PS4 to be released on PS+ so fast? The console is merely a year old. When PS+ started on PS3 it got great retail games because there were already many PS3 games available.

The current PS+ offerings for the PS4 are just a compensation for the missing FailClub PS+ edition that has been promised with the release of the PS4...

Blackcanary1269d ago

I have been very happy with the free PS Plus games i've been given so far.

TriadGamer1269d ago

As have we, I think Towerfall Ascension is probably our most played game this year! So many good indies, it's just a shame there is still a big chunk of gamers who won't give these titles a chance.

MeteorPanda1269d ago

towerfall is the best multiplayer game on the ps4 imo lol.

That game, outlast and mercenary kings are one of the best ps plus games so far for me ^ ^

ps4fanboy1269d ago

PS+ from the start has provided me with more than enough to satisfy the small yearly fee.

Drekken1269d ago

I agree... I bought Injustice for $8 during the Super hero sale... It is a cool fighting game.

I just wish Sony would use the PS+ money to fix their messaging/friends list issues. They charge money now... there is really no reason for shoddy performance.

Paprika1269d ago

Its been common knowledge for those with at least half a brain that 2015 will see AAA games come more often. No big games can come within a few months of release of the console... it'd ruin sales for the devs.

Devs sell big for a few months, then sales reduce as the year progresses. Sony will then likely pay the dev to take it to plus, or a deal will be in place for this to happen.. not 100% how it works, but the timeframe means we can expect them to start appearing soon.

Knack, infamous, assassins creed, tomb raider, battlefield etc. Expect these within the next 6 months imo. Then, Q3/4... farcry and seeing as GTA iv was on ps3 plus.... GTA V next year isn't totally out of the question.

2015, with its exclusives and enhanced plus offerings will be huge!

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