The Father of PlayStation Delivers 20th Anniversary User’s Choice Awards: Final Fantasy VII and More

During the PlayStation Awards being held in Tokyo, the father of PlayStation Ken Kutaragi delivered a special 20th Anniversary User's Choice Awards to five games that made the history of PlayStation according to the users.

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MeteorPanda1471d ago

lol...they praise monster hunter yet didn't support them when capcom needed help..tossers. Now we have shitty graphics on 3ds instead of vita/ps4 /sigh

starrman19851471d ago

At least Nintendo supported them! It would have been a great shame for the series to die out, granted they would look phenomenal on the PS4!

miyamoto1471d ago

Are you serious?
Nintendo moved mountains and millions of yen just to make sure MonHan gets exclusivity on 3DS.
Knowing how Capcom is desperate for cash its not surprising that that deal pushed through.
But don't worry history repeats itself .... franchises that became popular on PlayStation and was swiped to Nintendo goes back to PlayStation.

starrman19851471d ago

Ah I wasn't aware of that, pretty naive comment on my behalf. I just meant it's good the series didn't vanish!

q8kik1471d ago

Did Sony ever supported or should i say funded any non-Sony owned ip?

Inception1471d ago

Yes, Sony supported / funded a lot of non-sony IP. One big example is how sony put dozens of money to advertised and even published FF VII back in 1997. You can see FF VII ads with playboy, coca cola, rolling stone, marvel, DC, etc.

Amuro1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Inception, you're talking ancient history there. Ever since the issue with Crash Bandicoot and Spyro Sony said they would never fund an IP they don't own again. That's why Insomniac jumped ship, because Sony wouldn't fund any of their games if they aren't the owner of the IP.

breakpad1471d ago

i think it isnt completely Sony 's fault ..Nintendo saw the success of Mon Hun series and tossed alot of money for an exclusivity (as they always do..see Bayonetta , Resi remake) also Capcom found this convenient because didnt need to upgrade their engine for Vita or PS3 ..and there it is Moh HOu 3 (second best game in the series) released exclusive for lame underpowered Nintendo Wii

MeteorPanda1471d ago

capcom originally went to sony for help...Also my god capcom are lazy. Update the damn graphics.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1471d ago


Since when have monster hunter been about graphics?

MeteorPanda1471d ago

never..but stagnation in a graphics shouldn't be praised either. The fact the psp version looks clearer then the latest one is scary.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1471d ago

uh no it doesn't.

Maybe MH4 but MH4 has more content.

MH3 visually is impressive on 3DS

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PS4isKing_821471d ago

Omg I almost cried when Ken came on stage :(
Such an awesome moment. And that ps1 themed ps4 :O.


KwietStorm1471d ago

Why did you almost cry..?

2pacalypsenow1471d ago

I would replace MGS 3 with the first and GTA 5 with 3

Agent_00_Revan1471d ago

Yea, Gta V was great, but 3 made such an impact!. Not just on PlayStation, but gaming in general.

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