Sony cancels digital pre orders for Bloodborne

It seems that Sony are starting to cancel pre-order purchases for Bloodborne.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI1148d ago

I don't think this means anything beyond the delay causing a necessary refund.

nX1147d ago

I was given the choice of either keeping my preorder or having it cancelled. I kept it of course :D

FullmetalRoyale1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

While I don't have Bloodborne preordered, what happened to you happened to me with DA: Inquisition. I also opted to keep my preorder then.

hkgamer1148d ago

Article says game delayed. Guessing its smarter to tell their customers that its delayed and have option to opt out.

TimeSkipLuffy1148d ago

The option to back out is great. The refund should be to the payment option used. The message shown is not very customer friendly. They could have said something like "Unfortunately this title has been delayed. Therefore we would like to give our customers the choice..."

Mr_Writer851148d ago

But you don't pay for the game until a few days before release?

TFJWM1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

In the UK(Europe?) yes, In the US you get charged when you pre-order

Mr_Writer851147d ago

Really? So if you don't have the cash in the wallet it doesn't let you pre order?

I'm sure it give you the option to pay for it there and then but you don't have to.

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