Sexism in Video Games, What You Say About It?

Sex is everywhere. It can be found in movies, music, art and many other things but now days it founds its way into video games. After all, hardcore gamers need to get their fix somewhere since they’re obviously not doing given they’re always stuck to the TV/computer with a controller in their hand.

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ab5olut10n1298d ago

What you say about it?
since they're obviously not doing given they're

Who wrote this garbage?

WeAreLegion1298d ago

I see you've just experienced your first article.

I honestly don't know why they are still allowed on N4G. Where do you even come up with the name "Cyber Black Deals"?!?

ab5olut10n1298d ago

Aaaaahhh, didn't know they were notorious. I'll file them away with whatculture and gamingbolt.

GokuSolosAll1298d ago

Get over it. If these feminazis want change then go make it happen like men do, we're not gonna do it for you, you lazy broads.

Dannycr1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

Feminist want equality, which we are far from reaching and it is men's fault as well.

Feminazis want control, power and censorship, but that isn't what this is about.

Feminazis are not feminist. In absolutely ALL social groups there are extreme people with extreme behavior and extreme thoughts. Saying Feminazis are feminist or blaming the feminist movement for their behavior is no different than blaming video games for violent behavior and murders.

The feminists did achieve big changes, and they did make it happen, but there is still a lot left to do. Do not undermine nor underestimate their honest efforts.

TheComedian1298d ago

Feminism hasn't been about equality since 1990.
I understand that you draw your idea by listening to the moderate level headed ones but unfortunately they have officially become a minority.
"Feminazism" IS the new staple of feminism as it evident by the increasing support it gets from mainstream media outlets and social networks.
Nobody undermines or underestimates their efforts but the very toxic brood of new wave followers that has been wrought.
Everyone who truly is about equality must start calling themselves egalitarian,explore a full spectrum of socio-economical problems and finally ditch the decaying carcass of the thinly-veiled supremacist hate group called feminism.
I assume you are a feminist but sorry at this point when you say this word you associate yourself with the hatemongers.

Dannycr1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

So, let me see if I understand, instead of cleaning the Feminist name and keeping it like it originally is, you are saying that because of a pretty vocal amount of Feminazis, then the whole movement is tainted and ruined?

That is underestimating, undermining and actually attempting to wipeout the positive things that the feminist have achieved for woman's rights and if you believe that the term Egalitarian won't have a lot of unhealthy, unbalanced and extreme people in it, then you will be sorely disappointed.

I agree with you in aligning with the term egalitarian as I believe that equality shouldn't be related to a genre-specific word, but that is TOTALLY different than claiming that the entire feminist movement is now toxic.

By your reasoning, we all should look for another name because there are people who call themselves gamers that constantly make death threats, hack accounts, harrass people, etc? Should we call ourselves something else just because the only thing video-game related that shows up in news are about violent behavior, harrasment, etc? Vegans should look for another name becuase there is a big amount of people who want to condemn and crucify people who eat meat, etc, etc, etc?

BTW, If by mainstream media you are talking about U.S.A media, then yes... but they don't support the feminazis, the simply want hits, clicks, views, etc. U.S.A's toxic news, shows and people who watch them, etc, are the reason why they have any views at all.

In plenty other countries this doesn't make it any sort of newscasts.

rainslacker1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

IMO, they don't need to look for a new name, but it would help if the more moderate feminist did try to cut out the rot of extreme feminism(often labeled femnazis) so that what they work towards could actually be achieved faster and with less resistance. They can do this by actually calling out the extremist as extreme, and say that their views are not the way to achieve equality.

Radical feminism is giving old school feminism a bad reputation, and it's causing moderate feminist to have to start defending themselves against not only the truly bigoted, but those that just see them as people who want to take away others rights to get what they want.

The past 6 months has just been a microcosm of what's is wrong with modern feminism. I'm sure many people that support the SJW side are very well meaning rational people, but just like GG gets painted with a bad reputation, feminism gets painted with one as well due to their rather loud vocal fringe group. If the moderates could start having their voices heard(which they aren't right now), I'm sure that the discussion would be much different.

Dannycr1297d ago


I agree with you 1000%. That is exactly the problem.

The Feminazis have acquired a really loud voice and the real feminist have been silenced by people who think they are as extremist as the Feminazis.

Believing that the feminist movement is as toxic as the Feminazis is just like believing that people who support Gamergate are Mysoginist that like to harrass woman

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I feel the same way I feel about sexism in just about every other form of entertainment available..

To quote the legend James Brown "It's a mans world, but it wouldn't be the same without *Boobs"

Games4ever1298d ago

Sex is one of the most natural thing in this world. So what am I saying? delicious.

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