Uncharted 4 Dev Comments On Crash Bandicoot for PS4, Uncharted Collection, New TLOU: Remastered DLC

Yesterday, Naughty Dog held a Q&A session of Twitch and talked about numerous interesting topics such as "whether second team at Naughty Dog are working on Crash Bandicoot, Uncharted Collection for PlayStation 4 at 1080p/60 FPS, Uncharted 4, brand new The Last of Us DLC" and many more things.

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JMaine5181026d ago

Nothing brewing because it's already done lol. I hope for an uncharted remastered trilogy.

ShugaCane1026d ago (Edited 1026d ago )

Or because they're hard working on UC 4, which is definitely the priority here.

As for Crash. Well I would love that franchise revived, one way or another. But...please. Jak and Daxter T____T

JMaine5181026d ago

I mean yea but it's not like we haven't seen them working on multiple titles at once. Now if they announce another game and it's not uncharted collection I'll be cool. It's just something I wouldn't mind. Now if we get a new crash or jak and faster....good god!

breakpad1026d ago

Cash B rumors shot down... again..

SmielmaN1026d ago

ND has two teams so it's not unreasonable to think that after TLOU that team started work on the next project. We will prob know at the game awards or the PS Experience.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1026d ago


If it's story related!

AliTheSnake11025d ago

'Brewing" is a weird choice of words.

GameSpawn1025d ago (Edited 1025d ago )


"Jak and [D]a[x]ter FTW?"

Jak & Daxter are likely candidates since Naughty Dog (and Sony) still owns the IP. Crash is under Activision so it is entirely up to Activision what is done with Crash Bandicoot.

However, we all have seen Naughty Dog's history going all the way back to Crash Bandicoot on the PS1. They are not very likely to reboot or bring back an old IP. Once Naughty Dog has run their course with certain IPs they move on to new things. I really think that even they want to be done with Uncharted and try something completely new (they have been trying to bring complete closure to Drake's story).

After seeing how they followed Uncharted with The Last of Us, I really think of any game studio they are up to snuff to be able to create new IPs that can stand to be wildly successful. I can only imagine what they could cook up though.

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JimmyDM901026d ago (Edited 1026d ago )

Didnt Naughty Dog flat out deny TLOU remastered for months before it was leaked? Of course they wouldn't acknowledge an Uncharted trilogy before the official announcement.

JimmyDM901026d ago (Edited 1026d ago )

Here you go. Naughty Dog deny TLOU R.

There's too much money on the table for them not to do a re-release of the trilogy and it will almost certainly come out before Uncharted 4. The question is will Naughty Dog be the ones making it or will the load be shared with one or many smaller studios, much like MCC

Syntax-Error1025d ago

That wasn't a was a port. GTA V was a remaster

jb2271026d ago

Hopefully we get that Uncharted trilogy...Neil said recently that they aren't really a 2 team studio at the moment, more of a 1.5 team studio, so I'd say most of them are working on UC4 w/ maybe a skeleton crew remastering the Collection hopefully.

LordMaim1025d ago

Nothing going on at the studio, doesn't mean that they don't have a third party company working on it like they did with the Ratchet & Clank HD Collection.

XboxOneX1025d ago

I hope they remaster UNCHARTED and bring them ALL out on PC.

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ahsandanish1026d ago

we are watching this closely

Plagasx1026d ago

Dont watch too close though.

Dannycr1026d ago

I may be in the minority here, but Crash doesn't interest me in the slightest. Gameplay and mechanics are INCREDIBLY dated to me (it always felt like a poor man's mario to me anyway).

I would rather have a new Jak & Daxter and Uncharted 4 (no, I don't want any more HD remakes).

DarkOcelet1026d ago

Maybe because you haven't played it at the time or maybe you were born after the psx era but i still think its one of the best games in the history and just finished Crash 3 with 105% last month on my PSP and still plays great.

Dannycr1026d ago (Edited 1026d ago )

I'm 30, so I was even buying games with my own money back then.

To me, it is no different than playing, say...Pepsiman or even one of those mobile/tablet games like Temple Run. It may be fun for about 30mins, but that's it. It doesn't interest me. It's fine if you love it and I hope you get a new Crash and enjoy it.

I personally would rather have a new Jak & Daxter.

Cuzzo631026d ago

Yea. I'm in the minority also I guess

morganfell1026d ago

Well I think you are getting an HD remake regardless since rumors of an Uncharted PS4 collection seem to be gathering steam.

OB1Biker1026d ago

I think its good for Vita

Finalfantasykid1026d ago

Crash warped holds up really well even to today IMO. The first crash does seem really dated though. I still need to get Crash 2 though.

Maxor1026d ago

I have zero interest in Crash also. The market and era which this game thrived in doesn't exist anymore. Now a days the genre is completely dominated by indies. ND would be hard pressed to innovate with a AAA game in this space.

Dannycr1026d ago

I 100% agree. Unless the completely change the formula and make it something extremely different and original, it's just not going to hold up besides the nostalgia factor for some.

Metallox1026d ago

Even more than indies, Mario still has the control of the platformer genre, comercially and I even would say gameplay wise.

Gamble201025d ago

What if this wasn't a completely new Crash and instead it was an HD remaster for it? With a.completely new engine sort of like Halo 2 Anniversary. I would enjoy that if they sold it for like $19.99.

vacoby51025d ago

I mean Knack wasn't bad, I enjoyed it. Sly cooper and Rayman games still sell pretty well. So 1. Platformers can still be fun (and original) without being an indie game and 2. It is still a market for them.

ChronoJoe1025d ago (Edited 1025d ago )

I think that's a pretty ignorant perspective. No one assumed that if Crash were to return, it would remain stuck in the past.

It's a matter of reviving the intellectual property. Crash as a character, is iconic, and valuable. The games Sony produce wouldn't have to be faithful to the 15 year old mechanics, they would just need to be good.

I'd like to see Naughtydog make it. I think the direction the series was going would have lead it to evolve into a more action-orientated platformer (akin to the Jak and Daxter games). So it'd be interesting to see how they'd adapt Crash to a contemporary audience.

WitWolfy1025d ago

Crash never appealed to me, its like a 3D Sonic for casual gamers where some bigger than life character collects orbs and at times fights a boss with a little story thrown in there lengthen it a bit..

If thats not a 3D Sonic, then I dont know what is...

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Jdoki1026d ago


Given the choice between a new Crash or a new Jak & Daxter - I'd go for J&D every time.

I played Crash back when it launched, but was never a huge fan, I could never see what the fuss was about. Heck, I'd even rather see a Spyro by ND before Crash (not that will ever happen because of Skylanders)

Dannycr1026d ago (Edited 1026d ago )

Agreed. Jak & Daxter needs to have its sequel. If they are talking remake, I would rather have a Crash Team Racing remake. That i Would accept

shivvy241025d ago

Oh god if jak is announced then I will scream like a little girl and run to my nearest store to preorder

Psygnosis3331026d ago (Edited 1026d ago )

You compare Crash with Temple run?Not even close!Pepsy men yes

CaptainSellers1026d ago

You assume a new Crash would player exactly like the PS1 trilogy though, so saying the mechanics are outdated is unfair, it's not 1998 anymore.

I honestly thought Jak 2 and 3 were crap compared to the first title, mini game filled, frustrating games.

Dannycr1026d ago (Edited 1026d ago )


From a business point of view, an Uncharted remastered makes all kinds of sense and I love the games (all 3) to death, I will probably end up buying them all again and enjoying them, however, I do question myself if this is a healthy practice because I fear this "Remake" trend will spiral out of control and the 100+ PS3 games I have might end up being 100+ PS4 games as well.

I want new games, new experiences, PS3 games are not even outdated (in gameplay nor graphics) so this remake trend worries me.

NiteX1026d ago

I also would rather a new Jak over a new Crash. However I loved Crash when it was on PS1. I would just enjoy a new Jak game more.

jb2271026d ago

I was always more of a Gex man THERE's a platformer I would flip to play as that lil dude again.

benji1011025d ago

Every one who actually played the game knows it was a sonic Mario rip off with bad physics. But those who never played it and are now Sony fans will lord it.

mixelon1025d ago

I'm with you pretty much, nostalgia is a powerful thing.

Crash is a lot like Sonic. Yes, the games were great in their day, but transplant them to modern sensibilities without massively mixing them up into something completely different and you get... A game that isn't that compelling anymore.

Things like Knack and Skylanders have that sort of platform gameplay.. Yay. As do numerous mobile-grade games.

Crash would have exactly the same hurdles to jump as Sonic does.. We've moved on.

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calvincrack1026d ago

Lame answers. Very lame. uncharted remaster is a forgone conclusion.

GokuSolosAll1026d ago

Dunno why Crads, Jak, Sly, and Ratchet are popular. Just fade into oblivion and give me UC.

Revengeance1026d ago

Maybe because they all have a number of great games?

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