Sony Releases Lovely PS4 With Custom Disgaea 5 HDD Cover and More in Japan

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia just announced the release of new custom designs for the PS4 HDD cover themed after the upcoming exclusive JRPG Disgaea 5, and three PS Vita Value Packs dedicated to Dokodemo Issho.

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Snookies121421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

I'd so buy that... If it were in North America... *sigh*

Abriael1421d ago

I'm trying to choose one to pick up now that I'm in Tokyo, but I'm having a hard time. I might have to get a few.

And they aren't cheap.

pwnsause_returns1421d ago

...they are missing a pretty good market for this in the West... I'd buy offcial custom covers from them if they made them available in the US...

colonel1791421d ago

Whoever is in charge of the West is stupid. Just look how well Nintendo does with the 3DS with all the variety of colors. I don't get why they think only the Japanese will like different colors and customizations. At least they released a white PS4 in its first year. (although, again, they haven't announced it in the US as standalone)

Stiffler1421d ago

IMO they'll come to the west next year(one can hope). Bit of a shame that they aren't available yet as my PS4 needs a bit of a spruce up. I'm thinking a gorgeous UC4 plate, black/white outline fapfapfap

HentaiMasterRace1421d ago

Man, in Japan Vita actually gets love.

blackblades1421d ago

I remember the fat ps3 had theme covered plates, they should have theme covered stickers for ps4 that can easily be put on and be taken off without damaging the system.

pwnsause_returns1420d ago

the only difference is, the PS4 HDD cover plate is interchangable without voiding the warranty, hence they should of made a market for them LOL

Gezmoyassine1421d ago

what about the rest of the world JAPAN?!

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