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Stiffler1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Well said. Messaging has been way too laggy for me and my mates since launch and I honestly haven't even seen many (if any) articles bringing it to light. People need to speak up about it.

Utalkin2me1448d ago

Well my messaging worked perfectly until about 2 months ago and since then it takes a minute "not literally" to send and receive messages.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Slightly Off Topic:

Just finished reading through those comments posted on that twitter account and I never knew there were so many whiny, spoiled rotten, dumbasses posting negative comments about a system update. Are there really that many @ssholes out there?

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1448d ago

My comment has nothing to do with being whiny, just an observation.

Mirror + Whiny = nevin1

Mehmeh1448d ago

Lol, u are in every corner either whining or bashing though:/

mochachino1448d ago

Welcome to the internet, a cesspool of negativity where human beings, if you can even call them that, communicate their most vile and disgusting thoughts and feelings.

Khronikos1448d ago

Dude, yes, take a look at ANY game with online issues. ANYTHING ONLINE. These people have nothing better to do. Please realize most of these people are kids 12-18 with a lot of time on their hands. Sure, some bitching is warranted but these people have no dignity. I mean, seriously.

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NuggetsOfGod1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Fireware update?

Not to troll but console gamers get excited over the smallest but common things.

Took a year to get youtube lol and wallpapers. Lol everyone when crazy.

Can ps4 gamers save music on the hdd yet? Smh.

But when games are only 30fps no complaints?

People were fighting over grass in gta and ignored the dips below 30.

Its a poor state for gamers and everyone is comfortable with it.

I like console games but hate the corps..

I am glad i got a pc. And this is no me saying master race or anything.

If only everyone had a pc and funded games like star citizen.

Ubi and ea could die but we would still get battlefield. What a world it would be.

Corporations have to much control. Console gaming is getting worse and worse. And I grew up on consoles btw.

jacksons981448d ago

I'm a PC gamer too, but I spent as much as on my videocard as I did my entire PS4 so not really a fair comparison. Hard to beat the value of a PS4, not to mention the exclusives, community and PS Plus.

dboyman1448d ago

@jacksons98 Bubble + for you sir since for being a PC gamer who rejects the need to "trash talk" about consoles and recognize consoles as valid gaming platforms..

Blaze9291448d ago

yet, another - "stability" update. MKV soon or nah

Cha0tik1448d ago

That's stupid to tell them to fix just one thing when the system has various issues that need to be fixed. Be patient so they don't have another 2.0 incident.

Palitera1448d ago

Yeah, surely one full year is not enough to fix messaging. smh

Cha0tik1448d ago

Yeah, that must suck for you because I don't have messaging issues lol I rather them fix the error messages that everyone experiences.

Xb1ps41448d ago

So psn will be down tonight?

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Eonjay1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Here is hoping for some surprise features. .. is a ps2 emulator too much to ask for :(

WitWolfy1448d ago

Wont happen because of money, I'd even pay for that app if they ever release it, that how desperately I want to see this happen!

IcicleTrepan1448d ago

They can't try to sell you PSNow if they do that, so they won't.

Travis37081448d ago

Just fix the got dang messages that's all I need :(

boing11448d ago

That's weird. Since v2.02 my messages load in an instant.

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