Don't Blame Super Smash Bros. Wii U For Error Code 160-0103

Encountering Wii U error code 160-0103? You're not alone. The error has been around since the system's launch and is not unique to Super Smash Bros.

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Dramacydal1272d ago

Mario Kart 8, Smash, and Hyrule Warriors also corrupt the flash memory, potentially causing this error.

3-4-51271d ago

Why isn't anybody mentioning that it's happening to less than 1% of people with Wii U.

Most likely only a handful of instances that are being re-reported over and again by everybody.

Making it seems as though it's happening to more people.

DC7771271d ago

I have gotten some strange error codes and a "Please Wait" that basically freezes the system over the last couple of weeks. I DON'T have Smash Bros.

Basically I had to unplug the system to kill the cycle. It happened a handful of times. After the latest system update it seems fine so far.