Bring Your Daughter to Murder Day

Shamus Young

I know I'm not the first person to notice this, but last year we had this sudden, unexpected burst of AAA games that were built around or explored father-daughter relationships. Given that games generally take years to make, it's not like these were the result of teams copying one another. Several different teams all got the same idea at the same time. The Walking Dead, BioShock Infinite, and The Last of Us were the most explicit about it, where the player took on the father figure and cared for a daughter sidekick. But we also had Dishonored in 2012, although it's a little different from these other games in that you don't really take the daughter-figure with you on adventures. You could even argue that Tomb Raider is also part of this trend, except in that game the player is the daughter and the father-figure is the sidekick.

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