Tomonobu Itagaki On Dead or Alive 5: “My Daughter Was Totally Ruined”

Remember Devil’s Third? That’s the third-person shooter being created by Tomonobu Itagaki, formerly of Team Ninja. Nintendo announced at E3 this year that they would be publishing the game, and had Itagaki’s studio, Valhalla, demonstrate it during their E3 livestream.

Of late, Itagaki has taken to Facebook to interact with his closest fans, and has been assuring them that Devil’s Third has come a long way since its E3 reveal, at least in terms of visual quality.

In response to a fan complaining about Dead or Alive 5, Itagaki stated: “I have started to find how/what I can do for my daughter/DOA. Straightly speakin’, my daughter was totally ruined, spoiled. I can’t/shouldn’t avert my eyes from that fact. Many DOA fans here are crying, I will do something for DOA after I finished Devil’s Third.”

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NovusTerminus1269d ago

Really? Cause I found DoA5 much better then 4. Especially story wise, in which case Itagaki had one of the lead characters ending be a dream where she was a mermaid.

Gameplay for me was spot on, I have played DoA since the first one, and did not care for 4 as much, but 5 played absolutely amazing, and I much prefer the graphics in 5 as apposed to the creepy doll like look of 4.

Hoffmann1269d ago

DOA 5 was the best DOA for me since the 2nd game back on the Dreamcast. Gameplay wise its almost the same as back least it felt like that for me and I don't like the big focus on the female characters and their costumes but all in all it was good.

And that the females did not all look like fucking sex dolls anymore was a plus as well.

bouzebbal1269d ago

arcade mode was a let down for me in DOA5. last DOA i played a lot was DOA2 and single player had a mini story in it and interactions between characters and cutscenes in the beginning of every fight. Thought that was nice and DOA 5 didnt have that, which is boring especially if i have to finish the story with all characters.

Bigpappy1269d ago

3and 5 for me. I am a Leon fan, so I need my grappling and counters to be effective.

mediate-this1268d ago

Do a 5 doesn't even compare to doa4, doa5 if anything is just doa4.5 no real evolution.

But doa3 to doa4 massive improvement. Doa5 totally changed everything. Coming from a true fighting game fan

WheatBread1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

DOA5 is an improvement in gameplay because now it's more fun and easier to play for newcomers whereas in DOA4 the easiest difficulty setting was actually quite hard. I'd say DOA4 was just DOA3.5 because there was only a slight improvement in graphics than the previous game. I think DOA 2 Ultimate is the best game in the series.

Hoffmann1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Good that this cry-baby has nothing to do with the series anymore and Tecmo-Koei will most likely not hire him ever again.

Let's see how that WiiU game really is if it is getting released next year.

bad naruto1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )


Amuro1269d ago

he said the same thing about Ninja Gaiden Sigma even though the game was definitely superior to his Ninja Gaiden Black version.

donthate1269d ago


Let's not get carried away here. NGB was "the" version, not the bastard child version called Sigma where they dumbed down the game for the masses.

The community in general doesn't look kindly on NGS, despite the "graphics" upgrade.

mysterious_warrior1269d ago

While I agree NGS graphics are superior to black. Overall black is so much better. That's not even a question and I have both versions.

Volkama1269d ago

DOA5 felt pretty much like a copy + paste of previous DOA games to me. I know there are subtle differences that will leave a big impression on the hardcore fan, but for me it was just more of the same. Which is a bit of a shame, as I want to see something really new in my fighting games and I don't see where it'll come from at the moment.

I wonder what he thinks he can do for DOA though? He can't touch it. Is he just planning to make another fighting game as his next project? Alive or Dead.

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