Opinion: Just What is Happening at Ubisoft?

"So the media is currently having yet another field day at the expense of France-based company Ubisoft. It’s almost worth saying “another year, another Assassin’s Creed leak” considering the last 3 titles all got leaked prior to the year they were due to come out. What’s not helping this particular leak is the fact that AC: Unity is still fairly broken at the moment, with Ubisoft even admitting it themselves, with promises that the planned DLC will come free to players."

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cfc781421d ago

They need to calm down on the amount of games they're releasing give me quality over quantity any time and I just hope they realise it before The Division gets released because if that game goes tits up heads will roll.

radler1421d ago

When The Division launches in a broken state and with graphics nowhere near as good as the initial "gameplay" videos demonstrated, gamers will whine and complain but nothing will ever come of it.

Why? Because people are stupid and can't help but preorder games like the idiots that they are, regardless of Ubisoft's utterly abysmal track record.

Heck, reviewers could even give the game poor reviews to warn consumers and you know what would happen? Same thing that always happens, idiots rush to defend the video games that they've wasted their money on because admitting that something they bought sucks is just too painful.

pompombrum1421d ago

To be honest, I'll be guilty of this with The Division, only reason why I haven't preordered and the only thing that will stop me getting it on release date is if they go and and microtransaction it to death which is probably quite likely.

Hoffmann1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

Yup, a new AC every 2-3 years would have been a good decision since 2010 already.

Other games like Watch_Dogs which looked much better AND interesting years before they were finally released or are probably buggy and full with Microtransactions like The Crew and The Division make Ubisoft appear in a bad light even if they still release good games like Child of Light sometimes.

And their online service sucks.

Currently, they stand for almost everything many of us don't like about the "big companies" in the video game industry.

Pintheshadows1420d ago

I still can't believe they released 3 games on top of each other in Rogue, Unity, and Far Cry 4. Even my dad looked at that and went, 'well, that seems stupid'.

-Foxtrot1421d ago

I think they leaked it in my opinion, trying to get the hype train rolling earlier so they can do damage control

Take the attention away from Unity's flaws and onto their brand new game

Pandamobile1421d ago

A company like Ubisoft would never purposely leak a game announcement like this.

-Foxtrot1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

Better then people talk shit about Unity driving sales down even more.

Not saying it's true....just my theory which is why I said "think".

Pandamobile1421d ago

There are few things more disastrous and damaging in this industry than the leak of an unannounced title.

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Dramacydal1421d ago

They've come to realize you people will buy anything.

andron1420d ago

Yeah and I think all the shovelware they released on Wii made them realize this...

lemoncake1421d ago

It would have been more unusual if they weren't going to do an assassins creed next year, this is to be expected.

2cents1420d ago

They have gotten too big and are spread too thin.