Actor who wore Donkey Kong costume for L.A. Zoo event sues Nintendo

Attorneys for an actor hired by Nintendo to don a Donkey Kong costume for an event at the Los Angeles Zoo said he is suing the gaming giant after suffering a serious heart condition.

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XSpike1474d ago

Was thinking that but after reading the article it kinda seems fair although it sounds like the guy was stupid like an ape in stayed in his costume. He should of gone "stuff this" jump outta the suit in had a break in cooled down for awhile, if they wouldn't allow it, just give them the costume back in do them for not letting you have regular breaks maybe unfair dismissal

DragonKnight1474d ago

I'm sorry but, did you mean to write "and" or "'n"? I apologize, seeing all of those "in" was kinda distracting.

Anyway, it's always up to the individual to decide if they are willing to risk their health or not. It is a law pretty much everywhere that one is allowed to put their own health first and refuse to do a job if their health is at risk. I doubt this would fly in a court case against Nintendo.

abstractel1474d ago

I don't know, I feel it's a company's responsibility to provide a safe work environment for their employees. This was his job, the company should have made the research to make sure his job was safe and that he had adequate cooling.

marloc_x1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

A year and a half later?

*out of work actor*

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1474d ago

so he believe Nintendo gave him the serious heart condition

animegamingnerd1474d ago

i swear these days you can look at someone the wrong way and they will try and sue you

DragonKnight1474d ago

DID YOU JUST SWEAR?! YOU TRIGGERED ME! Don't you know that I have PTSD and am trying to rebuild my life?! That's it, I'm going to sue you. See you in court for causing malicious emotional distress! I'm going to sue you for the whole penny you're worth!

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The story is too old to be commented.