Nintendo to Ship More Wii Game Consoles to Meet Surging Demand

Nintendo Co. isn't delivering enough Wii video-game consoles to meet soaring demand and will ship more this weekend, the head of its U.S. unit said.

''We don't have enough out there,'' Reginald Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo of America, said in an interview. ''We're going to put more products into stores going into the weekend.''

Nintendo aims to sell 4 million Wii units this holiday season and is trying to ship 250,000 machines a week as retailers sell out. Sony Corp.'s rival PlayStation 3 console sold out in minutes after it went on sale Nov. 17 and replenishing them has been limited by production snags.

Some Wii machines have been unable to connect to the Internet, which allows users to download new games, Fils-Aime said. Nintendo is replacing those with new units, he said.

Nintendo said yesterday it sold more than 600,000 Wii consoles in the Americas during the product's first eight days on the market.

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PS360WII4376d ago

600,000 and more. needs to get updated I think

MicroGamer4376d ago

though I'm not sure how nextgenwars does their updating. They may not count shipments from the factory, but only shipments to retailers, as that is a more accurate reflection of how they are actually selling.