Xbox isn't revealing any new game announcements at The Game Awards 2014

There are a few dates every year that we can bank on new videogames being revealed. The first couple days of E3 are the best for this. However, in recent years, the annual December videogames awards show has proven to hold its share of surprises. That won't be the case for Microsoft this year, though.

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Adexus1477d ago

And the disappointment begins!

Abash1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

Sony is bringing their A game for 2015, starting with the first three months at that. They really are pushing The Order: 1886 and Bloodborne to drive sales of the PS4 even higher.

Microsoft shouldn't take the start of 2015 so lightly. It seems their major focus is on the holiday sales period, but that's all the way at the end of the year, and Sony is treating Q1 2015 like t's another holiday season for them

ThinkThink1477d ago

What did Microsoft and Sony reveal at the last VGX awards?

MasterCornholio1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )


No Mans Sky?

But I don't know if Sony was funding the game before or after that event especially with the good relationship that they have with Hello games.

bouzebbal1476d ago

they will get crushed next year more than it happened this year if they take it this easy.

Septic1476d ago


If you mean sales wise then agreed.

Games-wise... The crushing was happening the other way round this year :P

thanhgee1476d ago


crushing in games? hardly..

Septic1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Well okay crushing might be a bit too strong a word. Dominating it is.

bouzebbal1476d ago

@Septic: Crushing happened the other way around, both game and sales wise. PS4 cannot sell without games..cant even be sold for the bluray reader nowadays.. be serious for a sec.

OT: if they have nothing to show this week i'm afraid they will make things harder than they already are.

InTheLab1476d ago


A larger number of mediocre to decent games does not equal domination.

Stop embarrassing yourself....

Docknoss1476d ago

Woo Wee! Sony Trolls are out in full force. You know the Xbox One is doing good.

Septic1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Lol sorry what game on PS4 is the dominating one again? Name one game please


You sure you're not confusing platforms here?

NeoGamer2321476d ago

Both vendors have a lot for 2015...

Sony never took Q4 2014 seriously. DriveClub and LBP3 are not strong entries for the holiday season. DriveClub was a disappoitment (they still have not shipped the PSN plus version, but fixed most MP issues) and LBP3 is a disappointment compared to previous LBP releases.

MS had disappointment on Halo MCC (But the campaigns were still very playable and they have almost fixed the MP issues), but they also released D4, Sunset Overdrive, and Project Spark.

MS has already announced Halo 5, Fable Legends, and Quantum Break as AAA games for 2015. Sony has announced UC4, Bloodbourne, and The Order... And a probable usual yearly release of MLB The Show.

Both have a bunch of Indie games as well that have been shown so there will be lots of that.

The question is when are all the AAA games are going to release? Sony has committed Bloodbourne and The Order to February/March timeframe. MLB The Show usually comes in Spring. Leaving UC4 and for the holiday.

MS has only stated Halo for the holiday time period. That leaves room for MS to space out Quantum Break and Fable Legends elsewhere. Both were demo'd at E3 and both appeared to be near completion in development so it is quite probable that one or both will release in spring as well.

I fail to see how MS is taking early 2015 so lightly. If these games are not ready for early 2015 I don't want them to ship them. Games come more down to development readiness than when the optimal period to ship them is...

You have to remember that The Order was announced as a holiday 2014 game, it has slid to the spring time period. While MS was able to ship Sunset Overdrive in the holiday time period it was promised. So really, Sony had Bloodbourne and MLB The Show for early 2015 and it has turned into The Order as well.

Meanwhile MS just started to talk about 2015 and I am sure we will know about their game timing during the game awards show.

I don't see any reason why either an MS gamer or Sony gamer should be disappointed next year.

TheDrunkenJester1476d ago

That's good because Sony was treating Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 of 2014 like a holiday off.

remixx1161476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )


Okay first they did not release project spark during this holiday season, I find it weird that a lot of you keep claiming that thing just released. It dropped last year please stop with the bs.

Also yes if your just looking at western games for 2015 then yes the two consoles are evenly matched. Except that Sony has more indies, but if you include jrpgs ie: persona 5, disgeae 5, deep down, dragon quest heros and so on, then the scale tips quite a bit. Unless your not into jrpgs and indies then its pretty even.

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nicksetzer11477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

Disappointment? That they aren't showing anything new at the event they have never recealed anything at? That's some real reaching...

They have an event in january, and they have announced games even between events. (like forza horizon 2)

What will be ironic is if Sony or nintendo (who also could care less about this event) shows nothing at the game awards are we also disappointed?

vishmarx1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

ms have literally gone all out to sell their system this holiday and now not only is their early 2015 barren they arent even announcing anything.

no new exclusive for a long time+ no hype build up for new games until e3+ prices going back up to $400 in january

the xb1 sales are literally gonna fall off a cliff.

while sony didnt flinch at the priedrops on bf , they still have all their big guns , have early 2015 covered and despite all that they still have a dominating presence at tga , but not only that they have their own huge hype fest a day later.
two weeks later is jump festa which needless to say goes in ps4's favor too.

youre not disappointed thats fine. but i cant think of 1 good reason to get an xb1 come january while ps4 is just geting more and more and MS probably needs to do something about it. unless offcourse selling 1 month a year s MS's objective this gen

fact is ms's lineup is already stale as hell
most of them are just shooters and forza.while ps4 has stuff like wrpgs,jrps, action adventure, tps, freaking car soccer, racers,story based games, survival horror etc etc

CptVimes1476d ago

@vishmarx What a moronic statement Sunset Overdrive was really stale wasn't it, I'd keep your incredibly sweeping generalisations to yourself matey whilst we enjoy those 'stale' games you go on about. Muppet.

christocolus1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

I keep forgetting about that January event, I think its supposed to be a windows 10 event but going by some articles and rumors it seems xbox one will be one of the topics at the event too. Will look forward to it.maybe we will finally see how dx12 works and it gains.

Also ignore these trolls, MS really doesn't have to show anything at the awards, sony is doing it doesn't mean MS has to. They've got next year 2015 to show anything , they can reveal stuff before E3 if they want(just like last year).for now there's; state of decay , fable legends ,Ori, Screamride(there could even be more announced for release before E3)and some major 3rd party titles, also i remeber Phil saying they would have to push out stuff from holliday 2015 cos they had too many games planned for next year.

“Looking at production schedules and how things are lining up next fall is just crazy. I mean, this fall from first party and third party standpoint is great.Next fall, I honestly… It’s not hype at all… I Honestly don’t know that we can ship all the stuff that we’re trying to ship next fall. It just might be too crowded and we might purposely try to move something out to spread it.”

Most of those complaining about MS not showing anything at the awards aren't even xbox fans, they are those who keep hating on xbox ,they most likely never getting one either,just look at them go. Lol. Its good to see sony doing an event and showing games at the awards but that doesn't mean MS has to follow suit and as i said earlier they definitly aint stupid, Phil spencer&the team know they have to keep the momentum going,it doesn't take a braniac to know that. they definitly have plans for next year. So pls stop bothering about xbox and focus on other stuff.i.e PS experience.

Volkama1476d ago

Microsoft will have plenty to release in 2015.

Sony will have plenty to release in 2015 too.

They have always taken a different approach to how and when they talk about games, but I am fairly certain that both are going go at it all guns blazing this year.

Which is great news all round... so it's strange to think that people like Vish will be disappointed when it happens.

Stiffler1476d ago


What a silly opinionated thing to say.

I will definitely be enjoying my exclusives of BOTH next gen consoles come 2015. Forza Horizon 2, The Order, Titanfall, Bloodbourne Sunset Overdrive to name a few. Only lowly fanboys feel the need to defame another console while many like myself will enjoy the best of both sides.

How good it is to be enjoying gaming as a true gamer :)

n4rc1476d ago

Ya.. It has nothing to do with it being a crappy twitch only show..

Its not like when spike broadcast it... Why waste a reveal at such a low profile show that barely anyone will see?

-Foxtrot1476d ago


Drop the true gamer you even have a PS4.

Stiffler1476d ago

@ foxtrot, prove me wrong then.

I have a PS4, WiiU, X1 and previous gen systems.

I haven't gotten a rage PM from you in a while, I wonder why that is? OH WAIT LOL

Have fun bashing plastic boxes on the internet while people like me enjoy our systems. I pitty you.

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Magicite1476d ago

If Sony plays its cards right at PSX and Xbox wont have anything major at first half of 2015, then Ive a feeling, its gonna be devastated next year.

Killzoner991476d ago

They won't have ANYTHING to announce until E3 and nothing to release until next holiday season. Sony know how to ration their amazing exclusives throughout the year so PS gamers are never hungry. Sony is going to dominate the show.

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kingtroy1477d ago

Wasn't really expecting anything from Microsoft anyway.

-Foxtrot1477d ago

They kind of blew the majority of their cards at E3 and Gamescom

Daz1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

how you know whats the point showing everything in one year, i dont get it.

Also they don't need to show something new at every event. ;/

-Foxtrot1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

The point? Making people buy their system after what happened with their reveal.

They pulled out all the big guns to get people interested, hoping it would boost sales enough before they announce newer games in the future

I'm pretty sure some of those announcements from them weren't ready to be announced.

stuna11477d ago Show
Stiffler1476d ago ShowReplies(2)
marlinfan101476d ago


Like youve got any clue what theyve got planned

Tctczach1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

I've read that their 2015 E3 showcase is so packed they are having to push other games out or shorten trailers. Maybe that article wad lying but I know I've read it somewhere

Automatic791476d ago

Here comes Foxtrot the biggest troll on N4g to try to knock MS for having a great holiday season. Well Foxtrot if Ori and the Blind Forest, Smite, Dungeons and Dragon Neverwinter, ScreamRide and State of Decay don't convince you then don't forget we will still have all third party games that usually do better then 90% of exclusives on both platforms. So to me there will be plenty to play come first and second quarter leading to E3.

Note got the PS4 so I will be enjoying best of both worlds.

Foxtrot enough with the fanboyism.

-Foxtrot1476d ago

Here is another one....just like your friend Stiffler above

The only people who say shit like that and try to make one guy look like a fanboy/troll are people who actually are fanboys/trolls.

What is the point man, if you can't stand the sight of your favourite company getting criticism then maybe this isn't the place for you.

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BitbyDeath1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

If anyone remembers NTKRNL from GAF, he/she leaked all the games at the beginning of this year which goes up til like 2016.

Even down to the detail of Sunset Overdrive getting packaged with a White XB1.

Eonjay1477d ago

That leak was unbelievable, you have to wonder... it was obviously an inside leak, but was it controlled.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1476d ago

He was wrong on most accounts though.

Quantum Break is Holiday 2014 - didn't happen
Halo 2 Anniversary includes beta for Halo 5 - this happened but as you know halo 2 turned into a collection
crackdown 3 was announced.

BitbyDeath1476d ago

Quantum Break was originally set for holiday 2014 and then got delayed.

Crackdown was announced but not for anytime soon, it was obviously just unexpected to be announced early since it isn't til later.

Halo he/she said this -

Halo 2 HD
Halo 3 Port
Halo 4 Port
Halo 5

In the span of one year.

Which is correct, obviously the title 'Halo Collection' was not finalised at the time.

TheRedButterfly1476d ago

That really was quite the leak. I still find myself going back to it.

stuna11477d ago

Perhaps because they don't have anything left to reveal !?

MasterCornholio1476d ago

Makes sense though otherwise Microsoft would have an event like Sonys in December. I was expecting something at VGs from them though.