Far Cry 4 is woefully unengaged from its boundless violence | AV Club Review

Far Cry 4, for all the action it includes, for all the things it lets you do, proves woefully unengaged.

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AgentSmithPS41421d ago

I like violins, but I prefer the cello.

BattleAxe1420d ago

I played some co-op with a friend who sent me a key for 2 hours worth of gameplay. I have to say that as good looking as the world is, I really didn't care for the game that much. I prefer Far Cry 2 over all of them, but I did like Far Cry 3 quite a bit too.

Blues Cowboy1420d ago

Oh man, I loved Far Cry 2. Think it would have been remembered as a stone cold classic if only it wasn't *called* Far Cry in the first place. Sandbox fun it was not, but desperate improvised survival misery doesn't get much better.

Scatpants1420d ago

I've been having a lot of fun with this game. While the activities in it are a lot like the last game they're just more fun in this one.

TheMeatPuppet0071420d ago

Talk about brainless killing and bodies piling up, has this guy heard of GTA5 by any chance?

Blues Cowboy1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

That's some nice criticism there. No, really, it's great to see someone digging a little deeper and giving the same sort of feedback that a fun yet dumb action film would get. Really nice perspective, and about time we started holding videogame storylines to a higher standard.

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